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Nurburgring T4

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. To avoid any uncertainty, and any possible cutting issues like we had in Monza (Ascari), the Administration has decided to allow running wide at the exit of Turn 4 at Nurburgring. This decision will be in effect in all 3 divisions.

    You can go over the white line(s), over the runoff, over the grass, all the way over to Hockenheim if you so wish.

    Note: The normal rules are in effect for every other part of the track.

    Here's the trackmap if you need a reference point:

  2. I tried going all the way to Hockenheim but the walls were in the way!

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  3. Cant we do Hockenheim instead then:D

    I realy cant get grips with this track.
  4. Current Hockenheim sucks, the old layout was the good one :)
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  5. A question, can I cut the pit entry?
  6. I've understood that you can always cut the entry lines. In the exit you aren't allowed to even touch the white line.

    Edit. Or atleast during most of the races everyone are cutting the entry lines
  7. no