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Nurburgring GP under 2:00m anyone?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Pablo Guessi, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Ive been consistently getting lower 2:02's / 2:01 lap times around this track with default car set ups for basically all ADAC GT MASTERS cars... and after hours of driving my times won't go any lower so I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong as these are, I think, only average lap times. Wether it is driving line related or set up issues, I'm not sure... but I'm willing to learn as much as I can about this track and even exchange my lap videos and pm's if anyone with a little more experience in interested in helping out. Any of you have any specific advice in terms of set up or breaking points or driving lines? Anything at all would be useful. Cheers.
  2. Oh, my friend... a have another problem, on start/finish straight in the end before corner, I spinnig out in 2 times of three)), and I dont know how to correctly shifh down the gears, my car quickly became undrivable and loss control, tnen spin... :laugh:

  3. Lower front ride height.
    Stiffen rear ARB's, soften front.
    Stiffen front rebound.
    Reduce rear wing.

    Cars as default understeer like pigs. Try this and the car wants to rotate quicker in slower corners i feel.
    Think i have done a 1:59. Have seen 1:54 in a race i am sure. God knows how though.
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  4. Thank you for those tips Bryan, will try them out and let you know.
  5. I did a 1:58.522 with the basic setup (I have no clue how to setup a car) and the R8 LMS Ultra from the ADAC GT Masters Pack. And it frustrates me that #1 is 4 seconds faster @ 1:54.300. I loaded his Ghost car. He goes off the track at some parts of the track but it looks like it counts as a part of the track. Looks not clean but seems legit.

    Try driving against Ghost cars of faster people. That makes you faster.
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  6. Very true Sele... challenging other people's ghosts is a great way of improving your time. I just did a 1:59:511 with the default set up in the Camaro and I know I can shave another sec off that lap time.


    Bryan I did try your settings but it felt too "oversteery" to me... but I'm sure that varies depending on the driving style. So far the default one seems like a good fit to me.
  7. When U stiffen rear ARB, dont soften too much front, cause slack front end of car and then on slow speed corners U will lose much more time.
  8. Try stiffening both rebounds. Its a rule those should be 1/3 stiffer than bump dampers. Should gain a bit of solid grip feeling. And hit couple of rear ARB clicks. Those are very effective.
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  9. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium Member

    I do mid 57's with those type of changes, I dont do too many setup adjustments, I like a well planted rear end. Using the Ford GT.
  10. Good stuff will try them out Niki.
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  11. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    I've got a 1.56.480 with the mercedes-benz SLS AMG GT3. I would do consistent mid to low 1.57's before, but now I can do 1.56's by changing my lines thru turn 3 and turn 4. If I slow down more and exit turn 3 tight to the left, I can get a lot more speed thru turn 4.

    here's my setup...
    RRRE 2014-10-02 15-42-46-26.jpg
  12. Good stuff... I'm feeling way too much understeer with your set up Tim, but it feels VERY stable... maybe it's my G27 settings that are messing things up or some in-game control settings. Are you using a G27? Even if you aren't, what are your in game settings in terms of wheel and steering lock? Thx for the screenshots, they help a bunch.
  13. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    the mercedes does feel like a tank compared to the ford gt, as far as the feel of the weight of the car and the understeer. but it does have balls! :)

    i'm using the thrustmaster TX wheel with the settings Peter Koch suggests here:

    one exception. i started out using 900 degrees and 30 steering lock, but switched to 540 and 23 steering lock. feels very similar. everything else is default.

    here's a video of the lap:

    it is kinda sloppy cuz i thought it wasn't gonna be a good lap after a mistake coming out of turn 2. turned out to be quick.
  14. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    540/23 is the automatic GT setting in the next update.
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  15. Great stuff Tim, I really appreciate you taking the time to post a video about this! You are definitely much faster than me.

    I can see my racing line being a "bit" off in almost every turn as I seem to be turning in too early and using too much of the curb in the exits as a result... and those downshifts are way faster than mine, I seem to do it much more gradually whereas you downshift very very fast, and maybe I'm losing time there as well.

    I can try the stuff I noticed in the video, but you know how hard it is to adapt the way you drive around a certain track especially when you are used to a certain driving style and racing line, even if it's wrong! And that what sucks about it... it's like you do it automatically, and that really annoys me sometimes.

    But again, thx a lot for the video... add me up on the raceroom dashboard if you get the chance. Anyways, time to practice. Cheers.
  16. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    thank you, Pablo. I think you give me more credit then i deserve. I can't do 1.56's or 1.57's every lap. what you don't see in the video is the countless laps i screw up 1st. i drive differently in leaderboard challenges. i downshift faster and generally take more chances. the 1st turn on this track especially. i also try to go thru corners 1 gear higher then i normally do. turn 5 is good example. i would normally shift down to 3rd gear, but i hold 4th gear in that turn. i can't do that for every turn, but that seems to be quicker even with the lower rpm's. i have also done more laps on this track then any other, and i'm still finding new and better lines.
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  17. Hi Tim, good news... I'm now consistently doing 1.58's in the Nissan GTR with a custom set up of mine... I launched the leaderboard challenge and managed to put in the fastest lap so far in that car. It doesn't mean much, but it does tell me that I'm improving my driving line and turn in points, and your video pointed out some issues I was having around the track that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise, so cheers. I know I can still improve on that, possibly by a second or so... but for a couple of hours' practice it's a decent result.[​IMG]
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  18. Still can't get under 2 min....so close!
  19. Are you challenging faster ghosts? As mentioned it's a great way to make yourself better.
  20. Yeah, just not good enough atm unfortunately. I struggle a bit with the ADAC cars.