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Tracks Nurburgring GP and Short 4.0

Nurburgring Stock car extreme

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  1. damn i cant give 10 likes, just one :D great thx!
  2. hex


    Now it's just only historic (1988) Adelaide left, and I can completely forget about rF1 and its tracks :rolleyes: Thank you very much :thumbsup:
  3. Short + Superkart = :roflmao: !
  4. @Patrick Giranthon The track surface is not smooth but has lines across from left to right making it terrible on your eyes when driving. There are areas where it is completely smooth but a lot of areas are bad. I have included a screen print as shown from the side of the road. We had one or 2 tracks in the past with the same problem so it is not a new issue. Thanks, Christo GRAB_003.JPG
  5. I suppose you dont have details maxed. For track
  6. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I don't remember precisely, but I think increasing AA settings worked for me. Try it, anyway.
  7. Track details are maxed, but not shadows though. We had the same 'issue' for Autopolis and the got the track from another author. Without any setting changes the one track was fine and the other one had these lines across.
    I will change my AA settings to see if it will help.
  8. I think thats due to poor normals optimization
  9. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    more likely to be a mipmapping issue. try looking at how things look with less than max texture detail