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NUmber of multiplayer games?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Will Goulbourne, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. I just installed GTR Evo on steam for the first time (now have a 10mb connection :clap:, wasnt worth it before) but i only have a few games and not many players online...

    What is the latest update availible? maybe that is messing things up... or what is the best way of getting online games!?

  2. there's almost always dozens and dozens of servers running.... you'll be bang up to date, due to steam install so check your lobby filters and make sure you've got nothing set that would be limiting your results....
  3. As Andrew says, make sure all the filters are set to "All" or "Any" (Can't remember which one) and that the text box for entering server names is empty.

    Personally, if the servers with the most peeps in are in Quali or race, I find a server with a track I like and a series I like and join regardless if there is anyone else in there. You'll be suprised how quick it fills up. (Unless you like really obscure tracks and series (but in that scenario you are not likley to find a server running it (unless it's your server))) ARRGGHH nested bracket hell!!! :quiet:

    I'll go now.
  4. wow, i'm impressed! you closed all your open parentheses! ..it's like i'm back in math class lol
  5. There has been far more servers since Evo's release. There are usually 2-3 well filled rooms in the European evenings. Other times there are usually 1 or 2.
  6. I find that around late afternoon in GMT+1 there will be around 2-3 full servers and about 1-10 with up to 8 people. But that is not so much, I think?? I expected much more activity. In fact, I am a bit disappointed.

    I want so bad to race with the Saleen S7R, but only one or two servers with more than 0 persons run this kind of setup - and they are usually at Green Hell (which is a bit too long for me when I want a quick race).

    So I am doing anything wrong or is it just like this - that 100 persons are racing online and no more than this?
  7. I'm not sure that the server list is all that conclusive. Even with all the filters set to "any", I still know there are servers out there that aren't showing up. I can enter a part of the server name in the filter and find it, but it would not have been there in the unfiltered list.

    I am not sure if when setting up a dedicated server you can specify whether it only shows up when searched for and not in the generic list?

    @Matt, being a C# developer, if I don't keep a good eye on my parentheses, I simply don't wake up in the morning :victory:
  8. Hello everyone, when I look to all the servers available in multiplayer, a lot of them are showing unknown as circuit. Does that mean you have to download and install an extra track before joining? How can I know what "unknown" means?

    I know, I'm a beginner
  9. yep, that's exactly what it means, man... but you've got no way of finding out what you need... :nod:
  10. Can be...

    Try joining the server all the same; a message will pop up saying why you can't join...

    Different game (STCC for instances), the server might be running a MOD you don't have, or most likely it will say the name of the track you don't have (in this case take the name out and if interested look for it in the download section).
  11. Thank you guys for the quick response. One small question: When driving a race, I am a lot of times the last one driving. I don't mind because I'm a starter and I'm focussing on not bumping into others. But, everybody has left the session before I finish. I cannot compare my lap times anymore with other drivers. Is there any way that I can compare these times from all session session drivers? (I feel the answer will be no)
  12. Sorry, delete me pls
  13. UserData folder ---> LOG folder ---> Results Folder , now open raceresults.txt