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Number 1 driver?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by JET7M, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. I am up to my 5th year in a 7 season career.

    1st year with Sauber won the wdc as no 2 driver.
    2nd year with Mclaren won wdc and wcc as no 2 driver.
    3rd year with Red Bull won wdc and wcc as no 2 driver.
    4th year with Ferrari won wdd and wcc as no 2 driver.

    Now I have just finished my 4th season and my best offer is with Mclaren as no 2 driver again, what do you have to do to be offered the number 1 seat, I have also won the team mate challenge by a good margin every year.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  2. I believe you need to Re-contract with your existing team.

    I was with virgin and after around the 12th race, i was offered as Driver 1 but i rejected and joined RB instead? I'm not really sure duh. As its only my 2nd season so far.
  3. Sauber has been the only team to renew my contract but didnt really want to drive for them again, no top team has re offered yet even though I have tried saying just about everything good and bad to the press.
  4. I think, you should stay with your current team :)
  5. Thats the thing though, Ferrari didnt offer me another contract.
  6. I'm only on my 2nd season, decided to stay with Lotus because this year I'm the leading driver. I think if the team you're with offers you another contract it'll be as the no1.
  7. I got the exact same thing going on, doing a 7 season career. Atm in my 6th season. Won 5 World championships but never got reoffered a contract from top teams neither did i ever get a 1st driver contract with a top team.
    Even though my reputation level is at 36 atm. Not sure if this is some missed bug in long career.
    Even when beating my team mate at red bull,mclaren and winning WC they didnt reoffer me a contract in any season.
    The only thing i got was another 2nd driver contract for the same team after winning wc and beating my teammate on every challenge.
  8. Just have to ask. How do you get to drive for Sauber in the first year? I only get to choose the 3 new teams..Is there a trick to this??
  9. You as number 1 driver in any team get the upgrades first so if you keep switching teams then you wont get the number 1 seat as well as the upgrades first.
  10. Not me. Half way through season one, got offered new contrack with Torro Rosso to be number two despite beating Buemi in every respect. Didn't know at time I accepted contract all cars upgrades would get reset in season two. Ah well, never mind.
  11. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    I was thinking he exact same thing...
  12. James Chant

    James Chant

    Depending on the length you choose - 3/5/7 seasons, you have a different number of teams to choose from.

    I chose 7 seasons, so only got Lotus / HRT / Virgin.

    If you go for less seasons, you have more teams available to you
  13. My bad, it was actually lotus, I used Sauber first in my last career.
    I have won 6 from 7 races with 7 poles in season 5 so far I wonder if I keep this up will I get a number 1 seat at a top team.
  14. Thanks for the info James.