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null object error

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. hi piddy,

    seem to be getting an new error on 8.0.0.x to 8.03 not try yet. xpacker mainly.

    1) created a building layout from google earth.extruded it to hieght, quickly painted it (for test) and saved it has a Dae file. google sketchup 7.1 i have.
    2) started xpacker.
    3) imported objected , before it finshed the exception error came up.
    4) picture include. no need to send you bin file has it just using the default xpacks textures.

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  2. any idea's
  3. I've had a few of these in xpacker but usually it's because I'm doing something a bit backwards.
    Usually I can just hit continue & everything is fine.
    I can never really pin point exactly what causes it.
  4. i never get to continue thou, xpacker just sits there, the object is listed but never visable. try the object in simed same result, object & texture listed. but not visable?

    all thought i do seem to be getting alot of materials, i haven't used in sketchup.it seems to be that sketcup saves all the materials in that scene including background colours.fog,line colours.?

  5. Can you email me the dae & any associated files banger & I will check it in Max.
  6. sent email.:)
  7. The good news is it's not a BTB problem.

    The Bad news is that it's just a poorly constructed object with numerous faults.

    Textures are not power of 2.
    Some textures are missing.
    There are irrelevant objects in the file. (probably a hangover from Sketchup export.)
    And the object is just poorly constructed.
    See how all the polys are draggged to the corners making very long thin triangles.

    Unfortunately you will get this kind of thing using sketchup objects.
    They aren't created with gaming (or BTB) in mind.

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  8. thanks eric,i try the skp file next time i recreated it.