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Notice board - Steward thread

Discussion in 'Xbox One | F1 Championship' started by Karl Fuss, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    A few words with regards to corner cutting from the stewards.

    There are quite a few corners around the Montreal circuit that can be cut if you make a misjudgment. If you make a mistake and end up cutting a corner that is not a big deal, all of us make mistakes from time to time. However, if you find yourself consistently cutting corners that means you are driving beyond your limits, in which case you need to slow down and make sure that it doesn't happen repeatedly.

    We are all racing in this league with the intention of racing cleanly. This means avoiding contact with other cars AND avoiding time gains through corner cutting. It is easy enough to do here in Montreal, but it is also easy enough not to do, simply slow down and make sure you’re remaining on the circuit.

    If you see someone in your race repeatedly abusing the track limits please report it to the stewards.

    It is extremely important to pay attention to this in Qualifying. If you have a corner cut in quali it is best to back off before finishing the lap and start again.
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  2. To All Drivers.

    Recently the forum has seen some aggressive and insulting behaviour towards other drivers.

    RD Licence rules state (everyone agrees to these when they apply for a licence)
    • Try and discuss any incidents with the other drivers involved after the race in a friendly manner. If you feel stressed out by an accident then take 24 hours to calm down, review the replays of the incident and resolve it in a mature way via PM. Do not make angry posts about it on the forum. If you cannot resolve the problem then please contact the staff member that organized your race via PM, sending them an incident report that includes a video that clearly shows the incident.
    Consequences for breaking said rule:
    1st Offense: Official Warning via PM. This will remain on your record for six (6) months. Any further infraction during this time will be treated as a 2nd offense.

    2nd Offense: Temporary Ban for 30 days. You will be stripped of your Licensed Member status for 30 days, and will therefore be unable to enter any RaceDepartment club events or leagues for the duration. After the 30 days you may re-apply for a new license. This will remain on your record for twelve (12) months. Any further infraction during this time will be treated as a 3rd offense.

    3rd Offense: Permanent Ban. You will be stripped of your Licensed Member status permanently, and therefore unable to enter any RaceDepartment club events or leagues. Permanent bans will not be reversed, so don't bother asking.

    We want our league to be a friendly, inviting place. Disputes between drivers are normal however we can not be seen to be offending each other on the forum. If it continues we may be moderated by a Forum staff member and they are a lot more strict than Karl and I.

    We feel that we must take action before things spiral out of hand and we also want to take steps to calm everything down and put a stop to insulting posts once and for all. As you all know, Karl and I are very carefree about what is said in the forum, so please understand that for us to take these steps we must feel something is wrong.

    We have also had a few messages complaining about the bad language, this is in general conversation and not connected to posts toward each other. A lot of us access RD from computers at work and workplace IT systems flag up the bad language and report it to management. We have had at least one member flagged by management at his place of work and we don't want it happening again.

    So in regards to this I simply have a polite request to keep the language clean. To be clear this is just related to strong language. No one minds being called a 'Git' or a 'Bugger' but anything you wouldn't say to your mother please dont say on the forum.

    We have taken the decision to issue warnings as is directed in the RD Licence rules. These warnings will be in private and issued to anyone we think broke the rules in the Canada Cup thread.

    The desired effect here is to calm everything down and put a stop to hostilities, at least public hostilities, between members.


    The Stewards.
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  3. Penalty

    The stewards deem the contact between Rob Poelmens and Alexander Hellwig at Canada to have been illegal.

    We found that Robert initiated avoidable contact and therefore deserving of a penalty.

    The penalty will be a no-qualification at Silverstone. Rob must retire from the Qualifying session as soon as it starts and begin the race at the back of the grid.

    The reason that this penalty has been given instead of the usual 20 second time penalty is because the driver involved did not want to log a complaint. The Stewards are here to rectify disputes between drivers on track and in this case there is none. However ignoring contact like that with video evidence is also risky ground, so this is the compromise we have come to.

    I encourage any avoidable incidents to be logged with the stewards after a 24 hour cooling off period so that we can make the necessary decisions and keep our standards on track as high as possible.


    Chris Hempsall

    N.B Karl Fuss has not taken part in the decision making process due to his position in the league.
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  4. Suspension Notice

    After reviewing video evidence, driver statements and discussion with members of both the Championship and Cup it has been decided that Harry Stride (soggycabbages) will be suspended from the league effective immediately.

    We have found the racecraft and etiquette of this driver unacceptable and as a newcomer we feel that he is not yet ready to be in a league of our high standard. To point to specific events, ignoring blue flags on two occasions at Hungary and causing another driver to lose position and points.

    There are also concerns about regularly commenting about not practicing for the forthcoming race. Sometimes we have a busy week and this would be acceptable if it weren't so apparent.

    We hope this re-iterates our desire to keep our league clean and friendly.


    The Stewards
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