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Not too fun to play with a Controller/Gamepad

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Joel Vischer, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. If you had F1 2010, 2011 and you enjoyed it this game might be a bit of a struggle. I've played the demo thoroughly but the movement is SO quick, move 1mm with your thumb and the car steers right or left, after a few laps I got used to it though, and got 1st on the monza track. ( only track included for race ) You have to have a really steady thumb in order to steer good. The game feels kinda Arcade-like imo. And i am not going to buy this game. Unless i get a wheel in the near future. But don't think so. So i dont recommend this for Controller/Gamepad ( Its the same ) Users.


  2. Yeah, have to agree it's far too sensitive on a pad compared to 2011 where I was able to be as smooth as if I was using a wheel.

    Thankfully Steve Hood has already said it has been improved since the demo build via Twitter.
  3. try playing with advnance settings..you may spend 1 hour finding the right one that suits you, but after that you'll change your mind;)
  4. There is a few changes that can be made to the steering , plus the brakes as well.

    I am about to test them and will report back on what i can work out.

    This game is a big improvement guys over 2011, and it's only a demo.

  5. works for me : steering deadzone 0, steering saturation 1, steering linearity 35
    Feels almost like F1 2011 with my logitech game pad. A few issues with the straight feeling but cornering and responce are OK for me. Try making free runs in Abu Dhabi.
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  6. With my Ps3 sixaxis controller its not possible to change the Steering deadzone etc.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  8. You have to change them from the game :options / control settings / advanced settings
  9. Mikey Woolford

    Mikey Woolford
    PS4 Weekday Championship Lead Organiser Premium

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  10. The player what plays with gamepad , we can write the advanced settings (steering deadzone , steering saturation ...,
  11. Yeah, i can't reach the option it's greyed out :S

    ALERT!! I played the game quite some while now and i have to say my previous statement is kinda wrong :p I practiced today and it was pretty easy to handle the car, I even raced without Traction Control and i have to say its very much of an improvement since last year, now you can actually control the car without Traction Control when you use a controller! I even got 2nd on the Monza Race with Legend AI. Penalty system is still a bit awkard though. Button bumped into my front wing, causing me to spin but i received a 10 second penalty for it. And the KERS System seems to be a lil bit different from last year, might be a stupid statement.. But i now say: BUY this game :p Sorry for my first post :}
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  12. woz9us


    I actually preferred the increased sensitivity, hard at first but just a case of getting used to it. I can't see any change in the penalty system, it looks like I am still going to be screaming at my TV when an AI drivers swerves erratically when being lapped and I end up with a penalty.

    And does anyone else think the menus are a bit 'Tron-esque'?
  13. woz9us


    They also dont sit on a couch, pausing for a sip of their brew either :).

    Spare a thought to us poor folk who have to user a controller :(.
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  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Just use a normal desk to race on and you can still sip on your brew as well :)
  15. Well, i would buy a steer with a stand or something when i could place it in front of my tv, but my desk with a width of 1,40 isnt too fun to walk around with everytime i want to play, Thats why im looking for like a wheelstand pro in combo with a wheel, but i cant find one, or i'd want the thrustmaster ferrari cockpit. but thats quite expensive :)
  16. I use to have the same problem which is why i used the XBox 360 wheel (it can sit on your lap) it has arms that can be brought out to stop the wheel from moving from left to right when turning, however it doesn't stop the wheel from moving back off your lap. Its a cheap wheel to buy, however i have had 3 of them and the downshift padal alway's seems to start playing up after a while (change down a gear and it will either jump a gear or two or not change down at all) and on my last 360 wheel the up shift padal started to play up where it would jump a gear when changing up through the gears.

    But if your playing with auto gearing the wheel is a ok choice for a cheap wheel. Now i have the Thrustmaster Ferrari GT or what ever its called and its a good wheel (can also be used on a PS3) but you have to mount this wheel, and today i managed to make room for the wheel so i didn't have to keep mounting it when i was going to race.
  17. Yeah, Im playing with ps3 so the xbox wheel is no option, i've thought about the GT Wheel but it has no FFB, I dont know if it is a must - have , I think it is, thats why im thinking for a LONG time to buy a FFB Wheel and a stand, but i cant find a stand LOL
  18. Couldn't you use a table or something like that, even a bar stool (seen 1 person use that lol) but it worked for them till they could afford a real stand, it only needs to be high enough so you confortable with it so anything temerary will do as long as its stable and not going to be a problem (like get in your way etc).
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  19. Joel, I have sent you a message - basically try Motion Joy drivers - makes game and PC think your PS3 controller is an Xbox 360 controller - works great, and the longer sticks of the PS3 controller, makes it a whole let easier to steer than with the 360 controller - yuk !