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Not sure if i am doing something wrong...........

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Chris Sercombe, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Guys i am having a problem connecting to the raceroom experience portal from steam, i can see and play the apex part of the sim, i made a thread and posted some screenshots over at steam about it, here is the link, hopefully one of you maybe able to help me, i have tried all the obvious, like disabling antiv virus, firewall etc, all other games are ok for me.

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  2. Can you start DTM?
    You should have the normal menus on that white screen so the clickable links are down the left side of the screen
    This is the normal menu on that screen

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  3. All i can play is the apex stuff, when i click on the DTM button i get a screen come up asking if i want to buy, but i never see the screen you posted, just the whitebackground as in my photo on steam, and its moving video also, very strange.
  4. When i try and launch event from game.raceroom website i get this error "Can't launch RRRE_legacy.exe, error 2" and i have game installed in steam obviously.
  5. You could try disabling any antivirus then running the integrity check with steam
  6. Am i right in thinking if you launch game from there website it just starts the steam game ?
  7. Thx steve have already done that.
  8. Can't think of anything really. You could run malwarebytes to see if anything's hijacking your connection (quickest thing to try) and if no help then I can only recommend deleting and reinstalling.
    Sorry mate, really hope you get a result. Let us know how you get on anyway.
  9. Ok thx for help anyway.