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(Not so serious) wishlist topic

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by -Jesse-, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I know Brendon is doing all he can to add more great features to BTB and has probably though of (or heard of) everything that will be listed in this topic.

    But I'm curious to hear what all you users have wished for while using this awesome tool.

    And please just list your wishes, don't start to dispute about the wishes and don't say we "must have" this and that etc. So just list them, thank you!

    My personal list:
    - Ability to place/move objects in top view
    - Ability to edit terrain anchors by entering x,y,z values like you can do with nodes
    - Ability to put a topo map as backgound image, then move mouse along the altitude lines (in top view) and terrain would automatically adjust itself to entered height value.
    - Terrain .3ds import
    - Resizing objects by entering a resize value
  2. I'd like to be able to arrange terrain in groups, which can be expanded and collapsed, like this:

    The terrain sections would still be separate (easier on the framerete) but it would be easier to select and modify multiple sections.

    I know we can just hold down shift or ctrl, but that becomes awkward if the sections are listed out of order. I.e. terrain is added to the whole track, and then we go back a delete a few sections and remake them.
  3. i wish the terrain textures would be right,so i can map a texture without the lobside angles.
  4. yeah, proper uvw mapping per polygon on terrain (and track) would be a biggie. number one thing for me. it would make BTB waaaay way way more pro.

    -add terrain track anchors as required (don't think this is possible yet).
    -texture blend on track surfaces (same way as terrain. gamers seem to accept repetitive track textures, so this would blow minds)
    -'weld' open track ends to terrain nodes for seamless joints.
    -move track vertecies individually, and on xyz axis, as with terrain (i realise the track is a loft, but would be nice anyway)
    -re-organise materials in materials window to create custom folders
    -access to tdf, gdb, scn parameters
    -browse for track loading images, sky.mas etc

    and more and more and more : )
  5. - option to place objects parallel to terrain (useful for grass on slopes)
    - possibility to type coordinates/angles for objects
    - direct import of 3ds/collada objects in btb, with option to maintain original coordinates. Alternatively option in xpacker/btb to add an object with its original absolute coordinates
    - "collide" checkbox available in xpacker again
    - possibility to add more than 4 terrain panels at a time
  6. - Weld tracks and joint terrain to end of road
    - Move every single vertices on XYZ axis on the track
    - Affect terrain (if wanted) when modifying track elevation/shape etc..
    - export to .3ds with better organization and filenames
    - More terrain panels
    - When track and terrain is done and you change panel length to increase number of road polygons, terrain is a mess because of track anchors and you cannot add more of them.
    - Weld two tracks together to form one working track or split one into 2 pieces to form 2 separate tracks.
    - Type X,Y coordinates of selected vertices in cross-section 2d view.
    - road blending
    - uvw mapping
    - add/move camber in 3dview
  7. ide like these,

    - ability to create more than one aiw file for long and sort layouts insted of having to create two separatly
    - with the above ability to hide cirtain objects/sobjects on one aiw file from the other
    -weld tracks together
    -in addition to above 'lay track on terrain tool' so if you create the 1st layout and make the terrain, the extra layout you decide to add later will automaticaly lay on the terrain you have already created with the click of a button :drool:
  8. I reckon these wishes should be kept simple and should focus on how existing features can be made easier to use.
  9. One suggestion is a ruler. It would be nice to be able to measure things like the width of the track and distances between objects.
  10. yeah, and for setting clipping distances and such. there is the ruler xpack for the time being.

    another one
    - show/hide for camera groups. it gets pretty messy trying to setup 4 camera groups when they're all on screen
  11. I read all your wishes guys! Great!!!!! I'd like also:
    - to add the chance to import 3d objects into XPacker using a more common standard like ".OBJ"
    - to enhance the "rub blend tool" to make easier working on terrain effects
  12. Because this isn't official wishlist, you can post your wildest dreams about BTB if you wish :wink2:

    Great posts, keep them coming!
  13. in that case draw a box on google earth and it does the rest for you? LOL :drool:
  14. I have always wanted BTB Bumper sticker :in-love:
  15. .obj files can be converted using fbx convertor and saved using .3ds
  16. i'd like an option in BTB so that it wouldn't create duplicate textures when i only need a single one. eg. i make an object in xpacker which has 'textureA'. then i make another object in a different xpack, and because i want to be efficient i use the same 'textureA' file. in the BTB export i'll end up with something like 'textureA' and 'textureA1'.

    -the option to merge textures that have the same name, rather than create duplicates with unique names (which can be useful sometimes too)
  17. I'm not sure if that is what you mean but currently, it is possible to have 2 objects that use the same texture in the same xpack, but not from two different xpacks, and it's normal because they use different folders.
  18. yeah, i've got it working when it's within the same xpack, just not with different xpacks. i was hoping that once they are loaded into btb, it can just export using the existing file names, negating duplicates if i select the option.
  19. Just one wish:

    - Track Merge Tool! :D
  20. customisable height/speed/fov for the 'drive track' view mode (i find it too high), maybe even following the AI line