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Not long before the race...

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. It is only two days left to the first race of season 6. Most "parameters" show that this could be a very good season.

    To make it a successful season the race director and I have focused our attention on the quality of members and the Race Directors abillity to direct them.

    We are in total 28 drivers signed up for the league. Anthony are not able to participate in early parts of the season.

    Out of the 27 left there are 23 drivers who have replied to all e-mails. That means there are currently 23 drivers that will be allowed to race at Silverstone. I do expect this number to grow.

    Drivers ready for season 6:
    Alex Galyutin
    Andy Paries
    Anthony Moufarrege
    Bob Laube
    Christian Ramlow
    Cristian Di Filippo
    David McCradic
    David Turnbull
    Eliezer Bartik
    Fabian Kampfmann
    Gaetano Zizzo
    Graham Healey
    Jim Hawley
    Joe Isaac
    Kurt Kjellin
    Mark Sørensen
    Nicolai Nicholson
    Nicolas Rouge
    Peter Marshall
    Reik Major
    Sean Greenlaw
    Tim McIver
    Valerio Vinassa
    Valter Ostman
    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    As Eliezer have informed that he cannot race at Silverstone there are currently 3 availeble spots
  2. ? i answer to all mails ?
  3. i answered all mine to :(
  4. He hadn't and you haven't. You (Chirlie) have responded to mail #2 and a private one from the Race Director, but you have not replied to mail #3 and confirmed that you understand and agree :)

    Christian is ok now :letsgoracing:
  5. 3 mail i sent!! i hope its ok!!

  6. You are good to go my friend :)
  7. Hi

    I sent 3 mail "I understand and agree"