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Not getting offered rivals seat?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Zarlak, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Okay, I'm racing for Lotus, picked Vettel as my rival, I've just finished Japan where I beat him for a 4th race in a row and no interest from RBR, I'm 3rd in the WDC above Vettel with only Alonso and Webber ahead of me yet no interest from RBR? Do you have to do something in your interviews or what? I thought you got the seat if you beat him and I've now beat him 4 races in a row?

    EDIT: 5x in a row now, he has been shockingly bad the last 4 races finishing outside the top 10 and yet no word.
  2. Dont think you can get offered a drive with the biggest teams in your first season, your reputation won't be high enough.
  3. My reputation is 21 :) I just got the contract, beat Vettel for a 6th time in a row and RBR have offered me a 10,000,000 contract replacing Webber as the 2nd driver partnering Vettel.
  4. What career did you pick? i took 7 year option and at 24/25 rep the highest team i had any interest with is williams (But no contract), i took a force india contract for my second year as i didnt wanna drive another cosworth engine car, williams despite needing higher rep were placing quite badly in every race so far, still got 3 races of my first season left but i am the world champ after winning in japan, due to good tyre strategy and rain.

    In 7 year you need 25 rep for williams, so i cant see how you would be able to get a top team drive.
  5. yeah im in my first season and Force India are showing interest in me and my rep has to be 20 by the end of the season i picked a 7 year season the rep for RBR and McClaren must be really high
  6. I got offered contract from McLaren for season 2, cant remember what my rep was but i won the WC with Lotus so that probably helped.
  7. how the hell not fair i won the WC with lotus aswell and only got force india how did you manage that? what rep you on?
  8. at the middle of the season you get to pick a rival, i picked lewis hamilton and i beat him with virgin and won the WDC so McLaren offered me his seat with 2 races left in the season.... thats how you get into the higher teams but i refused and went with sauber bc i felt like Mclaren would be too dominant
  9. i picked my rival as alonso bet him in every race from then to the end of the season won the WDC and no offer from Ferrari that cant be right
  10. it's simple. you have to beat him in the championchip standings at the end of the year. then you'll receive the offer.
  11. i did and it didnt
  12. How can you guys win with Lotus!?!? Am only on Barcelona but I'm fighting with Virgin / HRT and STR, no where near the front!

    I know my steering wheel isn't supported (although it still works) so I don't have any options for steering wheel settings (I have about a 10 degree deadzone either side of central position) but still, grrr!
  13. i didnt win i barcelona or monaco or suzuka or abu dhabi i finished first in 7 races all season only on intermediate though finished in 5th twice 3rd once and every other race finished over tenth dont have to win every race to win the championship and catalunya is the hardest track to drive against the AI is impossible no word of a lie IMPOSSIBLE really i dont know many people who have finished first in that track ever!!!! i know that sounds mad but believe me its true i was racing it today second season on professional qualified 1st because of heavy rain and finished in 8th in the race after fighting back from last after being overtaken by everyone in the pits so it is an unbelieveable track to win on really
  14. Am racing on expert with no aids at all, so it is pretty hard! Not looking forward to Spain now!
  15. oh well good luck with expert mate and god bless :) and yeah most people have talked to about it say they dont like it the AI have no slow corners like on any other tracks and almost like they are running with light fuel loads and are faster than you is a pain