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Misc Not Created Equal - Main File (part 1) v1.0 beta

- Making Career Mode Better

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    Not Created Equal - Main File (part 1) - - Making Career Mode Better

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  2. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Well done! I appreciate the hard work you put into this.

    I can see after a few seasons, most teams would upgrade their cars fully, so only the tiers would change at the start of the season. I take it there's no way around this unless you restart the career?
  3. Yeah, in vanilla, once all the cars are fully upgraded, that's it - their performance is static. RnD is over and progression is gone.

    This mod will indeed allow you to customise their final performances of the teams at that point. (You can customise them earlier, but you see less effect from the AI as all the teams are upgrading at different rates - but you will feel it in your own car). if you're a top team, at least you can keep it fresh by having different challengers at the top, instead of it always being Merc.

    This was the best solution I could implement. My original hopes where to (a) increase the resource points needed to upgrade cars so upgrading takes longer - which I can find no variables to do. Reducing the amount of available resource points would work in the same way. Or (b) at the end of each season, have every car on the grid lose some, upgrades - so that you'll be working on some RnD each and every season - but that doesn't seem possible. Or (c) create more RnD upgrades (50 instead of 25) so that you have more to upgrade. Alas, none of those options seem possible, with (a) probably being the only one eventually may be possible if we can decrypt more files - but even that maybe beyond what we can mod.

    So my original vision is somewhat different to the final version of the mod - but in the end I have one of my key goals done.

    I like starting as a back marker, and trying to wrestle to the front over a long time - the true zero to hero story. In vanilla, I was able to do that quickly - too quickly for my immersion. And then I saw that I'd be at the back of the grid once Merc and all the others also finished their research. At which point, I was in my 'final' position, and be done - unless I swapped teams.

    Now swapping teams is fun, don't get me wrong. But 5 seasons with Manor, and I come to like them a lot, and would rather not see them back at the back for eternity.

    Now, (using the ability to customise final tiers and using challenge mode) can really make slow and stready progress to my goal. It isn't properly balanced yet - that's going to take testing and time and lots of playing F1 - but it is fun to have that challenge and not race away too quick. Also, so long as I get on top, and not mess up, my manor will stay towards the front of the grid until I am forced to retire.

    In the championship rankings (which determine next years AI car builds and levels) is allowed other teamS to potentially use Build Level 4 - a car which I don't have access too in challenge mode - making them naturally faster then me - and thus, making me fight to keep a top spot from a team which has a clear advantage - even though I am already I'm a great front running car,

    With all the randomness and possible outcomes, even with the in game RnD finished, the game can still keep on going forward a bit - and search season should feel a little different.

    Restarting the career will indeed - mean you can partake in the RnD race again (and I seriously recommend Challenge Mode - if you commit to it - it makes your RnD take a long time depending when you balance it with your goals for next years car) - and yes, today that's the only option if you wished to redo the RnD portion of the game,


    The other thing, which this mod lets you do - as an unintended consequence, is redefine your difficulty level.

    Let's say you're 1 second faster then most of the other cars on hard, but 1 second slower then the slowest cars on expert. Well, on hard, give yourself the Dud car and you'll be slower about half a 0.5 seconds (if using a backmarker) or 1 second (if using a higher team). On expert, give yourself a higher level car, and you'll gain 0.5 - 1 - 1 .5 seconds .


    My wish list would be - complete RnD Reset after season 2, and season 5 (simulate rule changes within the sport). But as of today, I'd more then likely need a save game editor before that's at all possible - and there isn't one as far as I know (and It doesn't decompile using any of the save game editors I have in my tools folder).

    Of course, my final wish list to make this a perfect game would be

    - the above desires to RnD and tiers.
    - difficulty sliders (Anyone notice Brazil is quite an easy track to suddenly outpace the AI - even if you're a midfield car?)
    - customise your car - replace teams with new teams. I.e., Manor gets taken over by Jaguar,
    - customise your season - rearrange tracks, remove some tracks and insert tracks from the previous games,

    Actually, what I'd like to do, is have Motorsport Player Manager! - like in football player manager mode, you can customise your team and make improvements in all areas that way, but when it's race time, you play as your driver in this f1 game.

    I'm not the best modder :p so I'll put that in the requests forums later and see if there's a genius who can make that for me :p
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  4. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Thanks for the explanation!

    I would love a game like that too. Mixing a management game with a racing game. That's why I liked Race Driver Grid so much too. Getting to build a team and hire a team mate added to the fun, and stories that you could spin up for your career. I hope one day I'll get the time, and motivation to really give making my own game a shot with these features to create a dynamic motorsport world.
  5. Grid was an amazing game for that very reason. That team building aspect of the game while very simple, was simply amazing. It got you invested in your car, in how your team goes - it lets me overlook the incredibly short race distances - and the not so awesome AI (I think i modded for longer race distances if memory serves me). Just thinking back to it makes me want that again. (apparently the newer grid don't have it as much, which is a great shame).

    :p Let me know if you do make that game! I'll join ya :p Seriously.

    My degrees in Mathematics and my Research was in Mathematical Ecology - so my job was basically simulating animal behavior and movement. So coding, designing, simulating, balancing and debugging I can do :p Making things look pretty and nice graphically I cannot. Hence my adventures into designing games are usually dots and lines on a screen. So I can probably make 22 dots go around a racing grid (which is just a set of two lines in some formation), and hook up a nice complex system to let the dots go faster, but that's about as far as I would get to this dream game :D

    (I probably could create the 'factory, crew, research and manufacturing component' section of those F1 manager games though, and have it put out a file you can insert and play your car in F1 2016. Hmmm - shame codemasters dont release any real mod tools like Skyrim Does - imagine what we could do if we could actuallly overhaul the RnD aspects of this game - [not to mention create tracks using a track editor])

    I am seriously looking forward to the release of Motorsport Manager though - even though I can't drive the car. The features of the iOS version, again though simplistic, are better then anything created in the last 10 years.
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  6. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Haha, I'll let you know if I ever do something.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to Motorsport Manager. I'm very curious to see how it does.
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  7. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    this sounds really interesting !!
  8. I'm looking forward to giving this a go, does it require a career restart or can I implement and continue on?
  9. CW.


    You can continue on
  10. This is just great. I really hope you can implement some points from your wishlist in the future, but till then I am very happy with what it already does. What I need now is the ability to swap drivers between teams an get in new drivers for retired ones :)
    Lets cross our fingers for a career mode like you guys dream of (Manager/Driver-Crossover) in a future game.
  11. CW.


    You can change driver names using Ryder Language Editor (https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-language-editor)
    See this post for more(http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2016-modding-questions-thread.124753/page-9#post-2303330)
  12. Thanks.

    I've been experimenting with some things to try and make the mod work better, but it's early days on that front and is gonna take some time.

    As CW said, driver names can indeed be edited. I believe there is something called F1 Seasons Progression Mod - which has some files you can install after each season (much like mine) which moves drivers around the grid (albeit, this is fixed). Of course, commentators and other places in the game may still refer to these drivers by their vanilla name, but you can at least have an illusion of teams change.

    What it doesn't do is change driver AI. I've tried modding the AI files a bit, but I can't see any real noticeable changes from doing so, but maybe the effects are so subtle I really cannot see it.

    I know that there are definite AI patters though. Rosberg really does like squeezing me off of the track in a few corners.
  13. CW.


  14. Make Pls Other Performance Mod,
    I Mean
    More Power,Grip,Mass,TireWear
    I Want Play Ultimate Difficulity,Not Expert
  15. If you want to use this mod to adjust your car to be in a far advsntsgious then your opposition - then you can. Give your team the Level 4 awesome car. Give every other team the level 0 dud car. It should then speed you up about a second and the AI down a second (except your teammate who will have the same car as you).

    However, if you're going to do this - I really don't see the point - as you may as well stick with the lower difficulty as it will play similarly to it - even I am only using the New Master difficulty, as Lemdandary everyone outpaces me (admittedly, I don't have time dedicated to games like I used too to get top level good)

    The game is the most fun, when you are at a difficulty which you're within -0.3 to +0.3 seconds pace per lap of your teammate (for most tracks). The AI have variable difficulty per track though.


    And with that thought, I have added a new item to my wish list.

    Car to Track Suitability - some tracks suit your car, others really do not. If your, or an AIs car is suited to a track, it gets an small additional bonus. If it is really unsuited, it gets a small additional penalty to its stats for that race. (I am sure this already happens in some instances, it it isn't really noticeable enough at the moment).
  16. I think track suitability shouldnt come from a random number in the config, it should come from the state of your car. If you invested your point in aerodynamics and mechanical grip, you will shine on tracks that need these the most (Monaco), if you have a good engine you will be better on the high speed tracks.
    But this is, as some other stuff, dreaming and wont be doable in this game at least. Maybe when Ryder starts his project :p

    PS: Thank you for the link to the season progression mod and the editor. Will see if i can stand drivers with wrong helmets and nationalities.
  17. Oh yes, I was thinking giving each car a bonus based on their highest relevent statistic(s) for the tracks, and having the files modified these statistic of the 'most suitable and least suitable cars' to empisise their impact.

    This probably already happens in the game, but is really subtle - and because the AI varies so much per track, it's hard to notice sometimes. I have never once noticed Williams really using their awesome lower drag values to be much quicker in Monza (though they are a little quicker through the speed traps). But because the AI operates differently to the player, their subtle advantage maybe completely negated by the way a player drives an inferior car. So as a gameplay mechanic over realism, this could be a nice feature.

    Another example is Brazil. I don't know if it's just me, but I can easily take a vanilla car which is normally in the midfield, and completely outpace the AI (using the same difficulty I have been struggling against the AI all season).


    another thing to look into, is balancing the AI track my track using car performance (unless someone can explain to me how to modify AI - as all attempts I've made at it have resulted in nothing altered when looking at it and analysing lap times). If wecould collect a list of tracks where experienced players are finding the AI quite weak, we could look into boosting their cars by 1/10th or two.


    One more thing. I am in the early stages of Improvimg the mod with a couple of extra features. I am sure people have noticed (because I don't try to hide it) that if you look at the excel files, my artistic skills are terrible. So am looking for someone who can do a bit of graphic design (for a UI) to improve the layouts and functionality of some of the changes I want to make in the mod :) let me know if you have the time and are interested.
  18. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    The AI settings that are track specific are in the environment tracks folder.
  19. I have tweaked two tracks so far the have the AI set nicely between two difficulty settings. I agree that it only needs to be done on certain tracks.
  20. for example,in future seasons what type of cars from performance folder i need to add if i want 4 teams best for the championship:mercedes,red bull,ferrari,williams,next 4 teams just a little weaker than this above,and the last three as well a little weaker?What category i have to choose from that five?And what builds?