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Tracks Nordschleife 0.97n

Plecair made a conversion of the famous Nordschleife

  1. Ian Franssen submitted a new resource:

    Nordschleife - Plecair made a conversion of the famous Nordschleife

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  2. Ian Franssen updated Nordschleife with a new update entry:

    0.97n beta update

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  3. Jjb


    absolutely fantastic track...!!
  4. Hello, I am new to rFactor, bought the Steam version and I'd like to know how can I install this mod track. Thanks a lot.
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  5. Thanks a lot for your help. I just did and worked. :)
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  6. this doesnt install for me for some reason. gets stuck at verifying at 9%. Ive tried downloading it a few times. Im using the steam version btw
  7. It was doing the same, but when I put the file into the right place, it just loaded fine and I had no other issues.
  8. I put it in the same folder i put all of my other mods. The packages folder. Every other mod installs fine.