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Nordschleife in Race On?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Steve Austin, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hello, I'm new to the 'race' series and I am trying to play Nordshleife.

    The server I am trying to join is called "!the mother! - training" it is set to Nordschleife. I cannot find that track anywhere online. I have downloaded RaceKing's Nurburgring but it is not the right track.

    RaceKings Nordschleife- http://www.virtualr.net/racekings-nordschleife-for-race-091-released/

    Nordscleife at NoGrip http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=7787
    No grip says its suspended.

    So how can I join !the mother!'s server?? i really want to!
  2. Nordschleife is included with evo, so it could be a car there running that you don`t have.
  3. I bought the race 07, stcc, and race on pack from steam. i didnt buy gtr2 or evo
  4. The Nords they are running is a track that comes with GTR Evolution. It is a SimBin track so you can't download it anywhere. You must purchase GTR Evo to get it. It does not come with the Race On bundle.
  5. another $30 on steam? :-(
  6. There is an expansion you can buy, rather than the full game, which should be cheaper, $20.
  7. yup $20 on steam.

    oh and Ryan, thanks for the rFactor CD in my G27 box.... o wait, it was just an hour trail. that was not a funny joke at all
  8. What you blaming me for??? I'm not rFactor staff in real life ya div. I'm just rFactor staff (as in I organise events) on this website!
  9. oh... well ok then... ur off the hook. ;)
  10. Before you download GTR Evolution have a look around on the Internet - in the UK you can pick up GTR Evolution for less than £5.00 if you shop around. I know Play.com currently have it for UK delivery at £5.99 - I think its pretty poor business practice from SIMBIN and Steam to do this to people who buy Race On. It all about short term profit.

    They should considering that someone who buys Race On, only to find cars and tracks missing, may well think twice about buying SIMBIN games in future. I accept that someone really into the game will probably know and accept that they have to but Evo or extra cars and the Nordscliffe - but SIMBIN needs to attract new people to their games, not alienate and leave new people feeling ripped off..
  11. I have criticised Simbin for the price of the Race On expansion (indeed I haven't bought it as a result), but IMO the full Race On package is very good value, and I disagree that it should have included GTR Evo. Besides, I doubt they could fit RACE 07, GTR Evo, STCC, and Race On in both Securom and Steam versions on a DVD.
  12. I think SIMBIN are making enough money to be able to put the game(s) on two DVD's!! And why is it that Steam (direct download and SIMBIN partner) are selling the GTR Download (no discs) at a higher price than Play.com will deliver a boxed DVD version of the game to my door???? Boooooooooooo!!!
  13. The Race On bundle is already a 2-dvd set. It's already a great bargain. Asking them to include Evo is just being greedy.

    And SimBin has no control over what retailers (like Steam) choose to sell the games for. There is a suggested retail price, but they are under no obligation to follow it.

    The reason the boxed version of Evo can bought cheaper is because those stores have an actual physical inventory they would like to get rid of. So they reduce the price.

    Steam has no physical inventory. It's all digital download. So they can keep the price high if they want.

    Bottom line: SimBin gave us a great expansion bundle package at a great price. People should stop complaining already.