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Misc Nord Snoopy 0.9.8 AI 2014-06-27


  1. Cote Dazur submitted a new resource:

    Nord Snoopy 0.9.8 AI - nord_snoopy_0.9.8_fast_lane

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. yea, Iv d correct version. been thnkng mayb its d vehicle bein used? d lotus 49 has a habit of sliding, so mayb d A.I. has problems compensating. Try a test race with d lotus 49 & see if d same thng happens.
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  3. I just tried the 458 at the nord and they worked really well! It's probably the Corvette's
    bad AI code that causes this file to bug out! The Kunos cars seem to work
    brilliantly so if I could change my score to a better one I would!

    I'm a really bad driver though and I broke my 458 while playing with the AI...

    Thank you for the AI file! I'll have a lot of fun later!
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  4. The problem can not only be the Corvette. The Lotus 49 also is not working and a few minutes ago i tryed it with BMW e30. Did not work.
    The following happens:
    At the start immediately the left row of cars go to the right side and crash into the cars there. After this 2 or 3 cars scrape at the right barrier into the direction of the bridge. They don't leave the grass at the right side until reaching the first curve. There they cross the track an fly over the barrier on the left side in the second curve.
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  5. Either you are using the AI in the wrong version of the track, to make sure, use the M1, if it does not work with the M1, then you will now it is the wrong folder.
    Lotus 49 is having an issue, tested that and I agree with you, it eventually stops but before that the AI in that car has a hard time staying on the track.
    Corvette has issue with the AI, it is even in the notes from the modder about the car,
    I have not tried the e30, cannot tell you.
    Crashing at the start is a clear sign you are not using the right folder.
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  6. dude, Cmon ur in denial, we're not idiots to b mixin up d different versions wrong a.I's folder. We've been addin A.I. to all d other tracks no problem & we keep our tracks updated to d latest version. dnt know abt d other cars but d lotus 49 (my fav.) can't drive d a.i. line u created. wen multiple ppl are havin d same problems, u need to acknowledge d possibility dat d problem is on ur end.
  7. ur d d definately k k keeping him on his toes :laugh::ninja:
  8. William Wester

    William Wester

    I thought it was English only on this forum :)
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  9. I thought so as well, maybe he did not get the memo, he his very new to this site.;)
  10. William Wester, Cote Dazur, never go full retard... instead of tryin to insult, try to improve ur faulty A.I. line. & since Im not writin an article for d New York Times, i'll continue to abbrev. :laugh:
  11. Both weren't throwing insults at you and both are certainly not retards.
    This here is no Youtube comment section. Correct spelling and grammar are the basis of written communication and the basis you, your attitude and your written content are being judge upon.
    I strongly suggest you start using correct spelling and grammar.
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  12. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    When on the RD forum please start to use proper spelling and grammar.
    Go somewhere else if you want to use text chat or unnecessary abbreviations. :)
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    • Not the responce you should be posting
    Mod-edit: out of line
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  13. William Wester

    William Wester

    Ribbing you a little but no intention to insult.
  14. Self Edit: deleted quoted 'out of line comments' from egero123
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  15. egero123,

    Your message (Nord Snoopy 0.9.8 AI) contains inappropriate language. This does not follow our rules. Your message may have been removed or altered.

    Your account's access may be limited based on these actions. Please keep this in mind when posting or using our site.

    really? so i guess its OK for your obvious pals (william wester & cote dazur) to insinuate I don't have a grasp of the English Language, which is an obvious try at a clever insult. where was your input in that exchange? did u check d comments to see where it all started? cote dazur not wanting to accept d obvious evidence of his A.I. file not working properly, hence the thinly veiled insult. I simply responded, which is my right last time i checked.
  16. You're getting this AI file not because you're entitled to it, but because Cote Dazur took the time and effort to create it for other users to enjoy.

    <Mod Edit: Removed offensive and provocative language. You're free to disagree with eachother, but please remember to keep it civil, and leave insults at the door. /Warned>
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  17. @isnoname ,I finally tried the BMW e30 this morning and all went well, good start, I had 8 AI running, the rest of the laps went well also.
    I am happy I did it also because I had not driven that car for a while and I should have because it is a real pleasure around Snoopy fantastic Nordschleife.
    So I still do not understand why you are having issues.:(
    There is another fast lane available in Snoopy's thread on the support forum, you might want to try it, see if it works better for you, so you can have as much fun with AI as I do on the "Ring" :D
  18. Hi all,

    I see you talking about corvettes, where do you get it?
    I don't have it. It is a mod?

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