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Noob's guide?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Martin Bird, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Hey there all,

    I've owned rFactor since it first came out but am ashamed to say I've probably only spent about 1 hour playing it in the last 3 years or whatever. But i feel there's a good reason, the interface is absolutely horrible.

    At times i've felt like they don't want you to play the game. most of the hour i mentioned was wasted trying to join servers only to find out i have the wrong car type selected or I don't 'own' it or that the server is running a mod i don't have, or some such error that frankly, shouldn't happen, and doesn't in any other game i play online, racing, FPS, RPG, whatever.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions or links to help a noob get in the swing of things ... this really seems like it should be an awesome game.

    thx...and sorry if it's just me being dense, somehow.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    FSOne, Renault Megane are very populair and playable
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I think Escargo should take a look at it, he is the rFactor expert around here. I am just as n00bish as yourself regarding to rFactor :)
  4. Sweet, thank you much!

    Love the avatar btw ... excellent use-of-eye-stalk. LOL.
  5. Hmmm...

    Interface: Voted the best interface of Racing Sims, check RSC... if you don't believe me just check it out!

    Having the mods: Erm erm download them.

    Owning them: Once you have the mod go straight to 'Testing' under 'Control,' load up any track and type ISI_BABYFACTORY in the chat window. This will give you tons of money and unlock all the cars for you. Everyone knows this because some mods are made badly and they only give you £30,000 when the cheapest cars are £31,000 LOL! You must do this for very mod but doesn't take long at all!

    Hope this helps matey! :)

  6. Having the mods: amusing response, can't argue that. But, how do you know what server has what mod or where to get it? the server browser is mystery meat. and why can't rfactor.net have official forums, at least as a starting point, i think it'd be helpful for n00bs, my 2c.

    Don't know who voted for the award, sure wasn't me, hehe :p

    Perhaps v1.250 is better, or perhaps there was something wrong with my install ... but as i recall you can only sort the server list. It doesn't allow you to filter out undesired servers by various criteria... eg, by mod, password, populations, difficulty, genre, etc etc, like in Any Other Game I Have Ever Played.

    Anyway, people seem to be playing the game which indicates it's possible to comprehend things, so i'll keep plugging away at it, like i said, sorry if it's just me being dense somehow...wouldn't be the first or last time.

    Owning them: the cheat code is valid for online play? now that's a first for me :) Thanks very much Mikey
  7. Yeah ,your right Buz the multiplayer lobby sucks.
    You cant filter anything, what i usually do is tab above the championships so you have them line out.
    And do the same for players,now you can join the servers with most ppl in it.
    For mods pfffffff....lots of them,best is to check in lobby whats most used.
    good luck !
  8. thx man, see you on track! (Assuming i figure out how to pull 1st gear)
  9. I wouldn't call it a 'cheatcode.' It is a very helpful, 100% legal hack to sort out the mods 'financial' side of things! :) LOL! :)

    Glad to help!

  10. And it worked a treat ... thanks again.

    Still having some issues coming to grips with the server list, but hopefully now that i have access, i'll be able to locate and frequent the rpmnet host and be all set.

    I'll prob be on late friday night...is the server 24/7?
  11. Yes ,a Fsone server is up 24/7 :smile:
  12. Yiiippppeee! :):):):)
  13. So, generally speaking, when installing a mod (eg, FSone), i should set the install path to my rFactor root (in my case D:\Program Files\rFactor)?

    I just ask cuz when I installed FSone, and tried to launch it, the rfactor config utility attempted to launch but crashed, it did so about 3 times and then after a few moments rFactor launched kinda sponanteously and appeared to be in FSone-mode. All seemed a bit odd...makes me wonder if i did something wrong.
  14. Yes direct the install to your root, usually its set to C/programfiles/Rfactor so watch out that you direct it to your D/program files/Rfactor.
    then it should work, there is a uninstall exe for Fsone . Maybe better to unistall it first before you reinstall to the right dir.
    Good luck !
  15. Well, sounds like i did install it to the correct path, and the game appears to work generally (eg, i was able to join a Megane server), but attempting to join FSone servers always seems to get me autokicked. Wondered if it was cuz i'm v1.3 and maybe the servers are still v1.2?

    guess i'll see what happens when I find the rpmnet server.
  16. Have you seen my mod install guide on the other thread named 'Rfactor Central Questions?'
  17. He has Megane installed so i think its only a Fsone problem.
    Make sure you install Fsone 1.1 ,1.2 and 1.3 i mean all of them.
    Im sure there are no 1.2 servers atleast not the public ones.
  18. thanks for the tip mikey, i'll check it out.

    yep, that's the install progression i used. guess i'll try what you suggested, pulling out and re-applying.

    Is there any reason to not use the 1.3 Full installer, out of curiosity?
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