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Noobie Question

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by MentalTM, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. MentalTM

    Premium Member

    Hi guys, I have just recently taken up an interest in sim racing. I had played R3E before with the xbox controller and I have now setup my wheel and my 3rd monitor should be arriving next week for a better experience.Bought several of the maps/tracks last week in the sale.
    I took part in a multiplayer race last night for the first time with my wheel. The one thing I noticed last night was the speed everyone else took off at the grid. Im obviously doing something wrong, but what could it be? the car I was driving seemed to be automatically going up the gears yet everyone else was going much faster. I had my foot down on the straights, yet everyone else would pass with so much ease. By the 4th lap I think everyone else had passed me already.

    I was wondering if anyone can give me any hints or tips? Are there any rookie leagues/races I can join? I have signed up for 3 months of iRacing aswell (only £3, so couldnt say no to that). Looking to get Assetto Corsa when its on sale on steam.
  2. iRacing get expensive when you must rent tracks and cars to race apart from the monthly fee.

    Sounds like you run automatic gears. Look in the setting description thread in this forum what all does. The ones that goes much faster then you probable practised more. There is no short cuts ;)

    Can recommend ultimate speed secrets book by Ross Bentley if you want to read up on the theory.
  3. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    Sounds like the J-80 penalty. You should check to see if your throttle goes to 100% in options/controller.
  4. MentalTM

    Premium Member

    Thanks for your replies guys. Turns out I hadn't installed the correct Logitech Gaming software for it (well I had the latest version already for my mouse etc, but my dfgt wheel didn't work with that one) Which is annoying as I can no longer configure that. Seems puzzling why Logitech would release a new version of the software but remove the ability for it to work with slightly older peripherals that they are still selling.

    Anyway I took the advice from Racenut http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/logitech-wheel-setup.63918/ and setup the wheel. My throttle is now going 100%, so I can compete, at least until the first corner.
    Last question taken from Racenut's post :

    In addition to the Profiler setup above, my RRRE in-game FFB settings are:

    FFB Effects Level = Medium
    FFS = 75%
    FFSF = 1.7
    FFSGW = 1 (increasing this setting improved grip feel significantly)
    SWF = 0.85
    FFCE = 0.3
    FFCP = -0.6

    Can someone explain what these settings mean and where I can find them? I couldn't see any setting with medium.

    thanks in advance
  5. stevem


    what kind of wheel is it?
  6. MentalTM

    Premium Member

    Its a Logitech Driving Force GT. Anyone have ideas to what these settings stand for above? Is it force feedback? However I cant find similar names within the settings
  7. stevem


    isn't that wheel in the list of presets?