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PC Noob questions about online racing F1 2014

Discussion in 'F1 2014 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Daniel Frissen, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. hi,

    yesterday I played F1 2014 online for the first time and I have some questions
    - the first race all the cars where ghost car like when getting close to them and I could drive right tru them. Very irritating as I couldn't see my breaking points. After that I raced some online races in which the cars where normal and crashes happen when I bumped into them :). Why is this, and how can I see the difference in the lobby?

    - My speed sucks comparing the others. Which quick car setups should I use? I can only find advanced car setups online?

    thx for the help

    regards Daniel
  2. Collisions were off. You can look through the game settings when you're in a lobby. Quick match races always have collisions on though.

    Lowest downforce. You'll be faster on the straights and slower in the corners.
  3. Thanks Mark!
  4. still some questions
    why are some cars humpin around like frogs?

    and the speed of some guys is just incredible.
    See mee screenshot. I know I m not the fastest guy, but 4 seconds... come on
  5. Lag.

    In public lobbies, it's probably a combination of them being fast and knowing where to cut corners without getting a penalty.
  6. ow okay, what's my alternative for public lobbies?
  7. Leagues or only playing with friends that don't cut corners.
  8. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    in public lobbies it is corner cutting, but for league racing I wouldn't at all recommend that as most of the time corner cutting is banned.
    How to get quicker? Practice. The guys above didn't just cut corners. They had the game since release day and "sweat" several hours on it, me being one of them :D (now I stopped playing though)
    So, practice. Turn off all the driving assists (apart from driving line, that is probably the only assist that you can actually be faster with. Unless if you turn up traction control in the wet, then it's not the only lol).
    If you have a keyboard, getting a wheel or pad is recommended.
    If you really want to play public lobbies, you should master corner cutting and track extending aswell. But when doing this, you will have to be careful of the mighty autospin curbs. At most tracks it happens very very rarely, Bahrain is the one I know has a lot of them.

    To "sweat", just pump in laps in time trial. At all tracks.

    Another thing to be fast is the setup. With the default ones, you can never be fast. This is the most commonly used setup on this game:
    3-1 wings (11-11 for Monaco is one exception)
    48-52, hi-small/standard brakes (you decide what's fastest. Usually for big braking zones on the track standard)
    balance x/11 (I am always unsure about the front balance. I always forget. It's because I had my teammate making all the setups, he used strange setups that worked very well on the pad, not so much on the wheel. Well, apart from balance)
    suspension- two options
    11-1-11-11 (I believe this is faster overall, in a straight line it surely is)
    1-1-11-11 (faster in the corners)
    top 2 settings all the way to the left
    bottom 2 all the way to the right

    and in public lobbies, always beware of
    1) rammers/trollers
    2) crappy penalty system
    3) lag. You may be racing ghost cars.

    basicly, the game is that terrible and imo you should've waited for F1 2015 coming out in just 5 days :D;) If you didn't get the game on a sale, you shouldn't have got it at all.