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Noob question

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jamie Francklin, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    Historically I have played a lot of f12012/11/10 and more recently gt5 but I realised that I was looking for the ultimate experience and so I subscribed for a 3 month deal on iRacing.

    I think it is brilliant and I am currently competing in the Cadillac Cup. I have racked up 1 race win and 1 top 5 finish and my quali time although not perfect is quite competitive. However, I am a little overwhelmed with the workings of iRacing.

    My question: Is it possible to win a series by racing more than others? What I mean is the more I race, the more points I get so if I race 5 times a track and get 5 wins, will I be higher in the rankings than if I race once per track and get one win?

    Cheers guys
  2. Glad you are enjoying iracing.

    The points system was changed at the start of this season. As an example say you race 4 times in a single week. Only the highest points scoring race of the week will count toward your championship points total. The other races will be discarded. This may mean you win a race but actually drop that score in favour of another race that you did not win, but which was against stronger opposition.

    Only the top 25% of your races count - race 4 times or less then its your highest single score. Race 8 times or less and the game will average your two highest scores and discard the others and so on. Generally if you are trying to win a championship you will need to enter the high strength of field events and do well in them as they reward you with the most points.
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  3. Jamie Blewitt thats brilliant, thanks for the clear explanation. Is there an easy way of targeting a high strength field? Don't think I'm going to even think about the championship this season as consistincey and safety rating are my key focal points at the moment.
  4. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Click the 'results' icon for your favourite seris and check the participation yourself.
    Participation differs between different series, though you could claim that 18:00 or 20:00 GMT races on weekends are often pretty crowded. Anyway, take in account that you are more likely to run into the typical Sunday driver on weekends.
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  5. Thanks man, just learning the ropes!
  6. Hi, maybe can anyone help me
    Question, you can change the camera view during the procedure?
    For example, rear view, Traces View
    Thank you for a helpful answer
  7. Which "procedure"? If you mean the race, then no. The in-cockpit view is your only option. You can only change the camera during replays.

    Edit: any time you drive, you're locked into the cockpit view. Just wanted to make that clear.
  8. In the forums most series have a dedicated board - there are usually posts in there telling the weekly high SOF times.
  9. OK signed up using the RD promo code (thanks guys) but i am having trouble with the FFB. i.e i can't feel anything.
    When i start in the pits my G25 is being pushed left or right. When i am driving the car is sliding and bouncing all over the shop but all i get is the wheel pushing back at me - nothing to say it's losing grip or it's under/over steering.
    Even when under breaking the car is visually squirming but nothing is happening through the wheel - it's all on screen.
    Am i expecting too much coming from Assetto Corsa? :roflmao:
  10. there are hundreds of posts on the setup of the most common wheels, just use the search function on the forums and you should be fine in half an hour. i use a g27, followed one of these threads (dont remember which) and have been happy ever since.
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