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none of the racer betas are working properly

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Sep 23, 2011.



    ive had trouble like this before i did a fresh extraction of the racer beta 0.8.35 on a windows 7 ultimate sony viao FZ140E
    stuff came up white or racer just didnt load and gave me an error
    View attachment QLOG.txt View attachment LapTop specs.txt
    their is my system info for my hardware and graphics
    and my qlog any help would be greatly appreciated as this is the most powerful computer i have cpu and ram wise i will be doing most of my 3d developing on here and i need the newest racer version running so i may do that
    also note the racer was ran in windows xp compatibility mode and still didnt work that qlog was from me running it in windows xp service pack 3 mode
  2. Some1


    You have an integrated graphics card - this is no good!
    Racer requires an ATi or nVidia card (preferably).