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Non-Psycho AI

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Gui Cramer, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Has anyone tried messing with the AI, or overall AI values so it's possible to have a single-player race? I only drive V-10 and V-12 and it usually takes 15-20 tries to get a clean-ish race in. I set myself in the latter part of the grid to have some fun instead of going off in the distance from P1, but just have no success with in-game AI settings.
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  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    I haven`t tried V10 or V12 race (only AI in practice mode and they were fine) .. but MIT, Opalas, Boxer Cup is fine .. now and than there is a contact that is caused by AI being jerk but overall much much better than before updates .. had great fun on VIR .. also I play beta but I think at this mmnt EA is on the same version as beta
  3. BattleOvce

    Premium Member

    I agree, I test boxer on VIR, AI can handle their car very well and they respect you much more. You need to also respect them and leave them space then everything works well. My setting was 100%, high agressivity preset. I also noticed that with this setting AI is scared to go into battle sometimes.
  4. I've had good races with the AI in the FV12 and V10. Just takes learning where their pathing is crap and where they act as if you don't exist and punt you, typically at apexes when you try to sneak up the inside on them. For open wheelers I tend to play with Aggro settings mostly and it'll always vary by track which works best. Sometimes the AIW is the problem though but Reiza's have been groomed pretty well by now.
  5. I give them room but they love being aggressive into corners disregarding other AI or player. I have AI anywhere from 100-105% and lowest possible aggression, but even at 100% this still applies, both at stock and third-party circuits.
  6. BattleOvce

    Premium Member

    I am having this problem on low agressivity. I tried medium and high, and I felt that AI acts much better. Maybe its placebo effect, not sure. :D
  7. ouvert

    Premium Member

    My tests were on 105-110/medium
  8. Check your game integrity, you might have some corupted files, I had the same problem :)!
  9. Hi DEIC, thanks for trying to help. Sadly - well, fortunately but unfortunate it isn't that - my game has no integrity issues. I have redone that check three times due to the car skin releases, to make sure I have all the original .veh and etc. Apart from 1 non-conflicting and unused car mod, 7 tracks, and only alternate vehicle .dds for two formula categories, my game is vanilla.
  10. CCL71

    Premium Member

    I'm wondering if it depends on the track. I ran a clean race at Interlogos in the Boxer and had a hell of a time keeping up. But at Road Atlanta, they are horrible and VIR wasn't much better. It appears that they don't know how to deviate from their intended path. I experienced a lot of bumping and side swiping as they ignore your presence and try to get to the outside. Or if I'm on the inside at apex, they'll still come over and take it. Turning aggression down only seemed to lesson the amount of ramming I received. And dialing back the strength slows them down in the turns. They seem to be where PCARS was with the AI...Maybe they'll improve it with future updates.
  11. Well every track has its own AIW file so the dev end of tweaking track specific AI behavior comes down to tweaking that primarily, though I know they've been adding features to the overall AI behavior in AMS.

    Generally speaking though AI as a rule punt you at the apex if you're not along side before you enter the turn. Its just something to deal with, however I think its been getting a bit less serious the last several versions. Its all about knowing where they're flawed. You can't exactly race them like you race a person. They only give room in certain conditions. Basically you can't reliably dive bomb them and expect room.

    An example of somewhere I think they do a great job is Formula 3s at the mod Catalunya National layout. One of the nice things I've noticed actually since the change to AMS is that where they'd tend to punt me going to the apex at one corner after the back straight they no longer seem to so I've definitely seen them become a bit less rude.