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Non exhaustive add-on track and car list

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Patrick Giranthon, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Only to gather a bit ;)


    Some tracks could receive an update in the coming weeks, if not already done.

    If you want to run....

    F1 :
    • A1 Ring (In game as Spielberg) - DRS ready
    • Montreal (In game) - DRS ready
    • Suzuka (In game as Kansaï) - DRS ready
    • Interlagos (In game) - DRS ready
    • Spa - DRS ready
    • Monza - DRS ready
    • Hockenheim - DRS ready
    • Barcelona - DRS ready
    • Silverstone (to come) - DRS Ready
    • Jerez

    Superv8 :

    CART Extreme :

    Historic Cars :

    BTCC or Marcas :

    Super Trucks

    And some others you can find in the download section

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  2. Pin this thread pls. I'm looking forward to Bathurst.
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  3. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    Well i just sent 5 euro. Now i see the list I feel like a tight arse!
    Im sending another 10 now.
    Thanks Patrick!
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  4. millen


    Great post Patrick. This will be a great resource.

    Your tracks are the only add-on ones I download. ;)
    Thanks so much for all your hard work.
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  5. Thank you guys.

    Cars added ;)
  6. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    how about f1 European tracks.?
  7. I made groups by car category.

    Nurburgring, Mugello, etc, are in the download section.
  8. Good post. Why don't you group them like that within the game? (it is just editing the SCN files). It would make them much more tidy...
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  9. It is done like this for btcc already, and CART.
    If I change things now I probably need to rename all the files to avoid conflicts with previous versions already installed.
    Better to explain what to modify on your side perhaps. In the .gdb
  10. Would this make it possible to have main headers in-game under Tracks, for say, Historic, SuperV8, etc?

    Which is the BTCC mod, for download? Thanks again Patrick!
  11. I speak about btcc tracks ;) not mod.

    For that you just have to change the venue name in the .gdb (telling this by memory, Need to check)
    Put V8 supercars for each track, It should create the right list
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  12. No need to change the filename, just overwrite the previous files. The thing is it generates mismatches, so is better if you release it within next update, or something like that.

    I use to have folders within the game (e.g. "01. Historical tracks" > "Hockenheim Historic", "02. Super V8", "03. BTCC"), the numbering in the front to have the folders on the top of the list.

    I also had folders within the locations folder, but that is just OCD on my end.
  13. Yes, this is similar to what I was referring to. As I'm not too familiar with all cars/tracks that were done for certain events, I'd like to group these. Can you PM me how, if it's workable? Thanks.
  14. Silverstone is a historic car? :O_o::O_o:;)
  15. You have to read from the beginning : "if you want to run... Historic cars, then you have these tracks"
  16. Sorry I took so long...

    In the GDB file of the track, browse through these lines:

    TrackName = Mount Panorama 2005
    GrandPrixName = Mount Panorama 2005
    EventName = Mount Panorama 2005
    VenueName = 12. V8 Supercars,Bathurst

    Track, GP and Event change the way the game names the track (I honestly don't remember which one is the one shown on the list... I believe it is event), and Venue tells you the "folder, subfolder" structure within the game...

    Beware this causes online mismatches!!!

    EDIT: This is how it looks in-game (this is rF, but it is the same thing in GSCE)
  17. Patrick......

    And Retros? :):(
  18. tpw


    Hi Patrick, just a note to thank you for the enormous amount of work you've done to keep high (Reiza) quality tracks and cars flowing into this game. I've only been playing Stock Car Extreme for a few weeks (I kick myself for this) and my experience of this awesome game has only been enhanced by your inputs.
  19. Thank you tpw:)
    Next one should have crowd and trees from reiza too :thumbsup:
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  20. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    @Patrick Giranthon Are you planning on moving any RallyX tracks in to Stock Car Extreme with the upcoming Lancer EvoX RallyX car and Foz?