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No Upgrade after changing engines

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Roger Snead, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hello to all.
    I did a search, but it never works out for me. I must be doing something wrong. My apologies if this topic has been covered. I am sure it has.
    Anyway, I was at Practice 1 at Catalunya, and did the R & D and passed the testing. Well I wanted a new engine, and I know you have to make sure you run out all the time in the practice session or else you will not receive the upgrade. I kept thinking....I have a bad feeling that if I change engines now, after I passed the R&D that even though all of the practice time will be forfeited, for some reason I said to myself, I bet I will not be awarded the upgrade, even though I can see no valid reason what so ever that I will be denied the upgrade, but sure as heck.......yep, no upgrade! I knew it, and did it anyway, BUT it should have given me the upgrade, correct?

    Lesson learned...... don't change engines on a R&D session, even though there is no reason you should not be able to., that I can think of anyway. I thought maybe it will be in the next practice at the next race (Monaco) NOPE.

    Is this a bug or is the game correct? Thanks.
    . P.S. I just noticed a little mark on my avatar, and when I hovered the cursor over it, a message said"you have posted two messages in this thread", which is true. I am assuming this is a "no-no"? Sorry, it makes sense if that is the case.:notworthy:
  2. Well I've just learnt something - skipping the practice session after doing a R&D upgrade. I didn't know I had to wait the whole time!

    This is a Codemasters game after all :p

    Do you mean like this?

    I don't see how you have posted twice in here though? :S

    But your right - try to refrain from double posting :) (one post and another - when you could always use the edit button)
  3. Yea, that's what I am talking about, the little corner piece. It said posted "twice in this thread" on "Wheel vs.Pad" topic, but it was to two diffrent people. So I guess it is just a notification.?

    Yes, unless I am thinking of F1 2011, and I might be, you have to run all the time out of practice to get the upgrade. You can accelerate the time to do that.

    I have not tried to see if it won't give me the upgrade in F12012 if I don't run out the Practice time, I just assumed it was the same.
    Honestly I am stating to think I am not sure which year it is, you have to do this.:confused: It does exist though in either 11 or 12 or both. Maybe someone will help straighten me out.:unsure: