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No-tier career mod with player car performance

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by koeloe, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. ****No-tier career mod with player car performance****

    Very simple database tweak to remove the effect of tier changes between seasons. Player and ai uses the same car performance.

    1. Install car performance files into your cars folder using a mod-enabler. Usually the car physics are exatly the same for all the ai and the variations are artificially created by the tiers and engine power in the database. With this mod the ai will use the same car physics that you drive with.

    2. Set all the values in 'ai_tier_characteristics' (Control, Speed_In, Speed_Out, Virtual_Performance) to '1'

    NOTE: You don't have to start a new career. It doesn't matter in what season you are, the performances will be similar to season 1.



    No-tier career mod with player car performance

    I've figured out ai_engine_power_per_tier values. If a team moves from tier 1 to tier 2 it will use the tier 2 value for that season. So, I've set all the values according to season 1.

    To download v1.2:

  2. I've updated the file to v1.2.

    This should now work perfectly for qualifying and races for any season. There is no tier effect at all but if you want to tweak the performance of a team you just have to make the same small changes for the whole row. (tier 1 to 4).

    I've done a couple of races with this in season 3 and it works great!:D
  3. So the In Season Changes are Bugging the Performances
    Nice find mate :thumbsup: This makes the Career lot more interesting.
  4. The way it works now is: all is set according to season 1 and every following season will be the same. So if you want a team to do better or worse you just have to edit the whole row but keeping the values (tier1 to 4) the same.

    It will actually only use one value but with the teams moving between tiers all the time one will lose track on what tier a team is.;)
  5. Looking at the database, having the only factor that differentiates the teams being the ai engine power per tier value, with Mercedes and Lotus having the most at 147 surely they are on the podium almost every race and fighting for championships? Also McLaren & Ferrari having the same seems quite unrealistic. I'd be interested to know what your championships looked like after a full season.

    On the other hand, maybe you haven't spent much time tweaking this side of things for the most realistic take on the season.
  6. You mean 747 BHP mate??
  7. No, not at all!

    If you look at the ctf files in the cars/balanced folder you'll see all the default files are exactly the same for all teams.

    The files I'm using each team has a different setting.(mostly aero, mass, 7th gear etc.) So the ai uses the same ctf file the player uses. If you drive a hrt your teammate drives the exact same car physics.:O_o:
  8. The 1st image is the one-shot qualifying result at Singapore in season 3. The 2nd image is the no-tier mod in the same season.

    You can now easily edit the database with 5 or 10bhp for a team as you go along through your career.

    Default result:

    No-tier result:
  9. There is something wrong with the download edit. I get an error when I want to edit the file and also can't add a new version?:(
  10. This mod works great with qualifying. The only down side is if you fall out of Q1 or Q2 the simulated times will be messed up. If only Q3 is simulated it's not that bad and makes for an interesting race with the top ten a bit mixed on the grid.:D

    I'm in season 3 in a Ferrari and usually makes it to the shoot-out so there's no problem.
  11. Tried this out quickly in the first 3 races of career and it's just not working at all for some reason. Copied the car files and database but it's all screwed up. Not using any other AI mods etc. V 1.2 btw.

    Went with HRT for the test and my teammate can lap 2.5 secs faster than me in qualy, Caterhams and Marussias getting in top 3 every qualy whether I skip it or not haha. Even finishing in the points.

    Only thing I can think of why it's not working is the tier_changes.ods file in the rar? I guess that's not there for no reason, but there's nothing about installing that. :\ Any ideas?

    Edit: Even tried it with a fresh install. Neither the equal car files or the database changes aren't working for some reason. Very strange. Anyone else tried this?
  12. i really confused, i dont understand this at all :( . I want to improve merc and lotus but i dont know how as they already have the best egine power. Can somebody explain this please? :)