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No Steering on FGT Experience

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mitch_R, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hey

    I was Racing China the other night with no problem at all regarding my Wheel but when is started the game a few minutes ago and drove out of the pits my car won't steer. Still the head/view turns left right (look to apex in cockpit-cam) but the car goes nothing but straight!
    with keyboard everything is normal is also asigned the steering to other buttons on the wheel and even to the pedals but still no steering in game!

    It is a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Wheel in the system preferences in windows the wheel is recognized an the steering controls to right and left react just like they should... so i don't think it's some sort of mechanical problem (as look to apex still works when turning the wheel).

    Anyone got an idea?!
  2. In the options menu, go into controller options, and select the default FGT. Give that a go on track. If it doesnt work, go to the actionmap folder in the 2011 main directory, open the FGT actionmap.xml with note/wordpad and make sure that your 'steer left' 'steer right' controls are set to the X axis. (should be the same line of xml for your 'look left' 'look right' control.
    Seems like a long shot, but if the default map doesnt make your steering work, there must be an issue with the actionmap.xml.

    Let us know how you get on.
  3. did you plug it in wright?
  4. Yeah it's plugged in properly...
    @ Paul: already tried that... made a custom steering thingy in the option menu switched back to the default fgt settings and even tried with the original actionmap... still no steering

    the interesting part about it that it won't even steer when i assign it in the options as individual settings
  5. Seems pretty weird then! Hmm, can you test it with another game to be sure?

    I know that some wheels, like the G27 can do everything apart from steer without power, maybe worth checking its powered up from the mains properly?