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Misc No Start Light, No Wrong Way, No Intro Videos 1.1

no (unrealistic) start light, no (annoying) wrong way sign, no (time consuming) intro video(s). :)

  1. gamer19 submitted a new resource:

    (all together now) no start light, no wrong way, no intro videos by shnala - no start light no wrong way no intro videos

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  2. Ok my fellow drivers.... new (improved:D) description added and finally some pics!
    Rate it please.
    So the other will know this is one good mod. A must have, I would say... :)
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  3. I really aprecciate all the attention moderators show to this mod.
    And they show their admiration and express themselves by renaming them to their own taste.
    Guess the name was too long for them. Or something.... :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2014
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    I contact Salute Gilles, the guy who solve the "totally useless blocking text right in the middle of the screen" ...problem. He doesn't have the game (yet) but he said he'll buy it very soon, maybe even these days, and he'll solve this issue right away, just like he did in F1 2013. You can read our conversation here:
    His answer is just bellow.

    So.... good news. Finally. :)
  5. would it be possible to get rid of the driver names above them?
  6. Well, it's easy.
    Go to options, I'm at work, but you should find this options somewhere (in "difficulty" perhaps) for "show drivers name". Disable it there and you're ready to go.... :)
  7. i didnt even look if it was already in the game hahaha sorry
  8. Could you be more specific? Does this mod also get rid of any pitstop information during the race? Because to me it seemed I couldn't see on my OSD when I needed to come in to the pit, and I also didn't receive any audio messages on this.
  9. I'm sorry, tbh, I didn't play this game for a long time and can't guaranee you but... I'm quite sure my mod DOESN'T do that. U sure it's not from some other mod you have installed?
    My mod, and that specific update, remo only flag that wave into your face, that's why I change it, that's why I start this mod on the first place, the real life drivers don't have that, I don't want that.
    And OSD? umh.... no, I don't think so. I didn't touch that, I didn't have the reason to touch that.
    Hope I help. Somehow.
  10. Thanks for the reply and the mod. I'll just try again then and see what happens. Since I now installed my other two Williams mods somewhat cleaner. Might have been one of those.