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no setups in saved games folder

Discussion in 'RBR Setups' started by LeeRex, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. LeeRex


    I've just installed RSRBR 2012, car packs and tracks and again this year my Saved Games folder contains plenty of folders but no .lsp files. Frankly I find this whole setup thing a bit of a black art. I don't think I have ever found a setup online that I was able to install properly. The setups given to me by the game all feel the same so it doesn't seem to matter what car I drive. Of course, this could all be me. I've had RBR since 2004 and RSRBR since 2008. I'm thinking the RSRBR series is unnecessarily confusing. Information is scattered all over the site and I've never managed to become comfortable with it. Any guidance will be appreciated!
  2. The game doesn't provide you with any default setups in the Saved Games Folder, you have to create them yourself by saving a setup in-game. Or you could add some downloaded ones there, but there aren't too many available. We try to encourage the top drivers to post their setups, but they seem to be reluctant to share.

    Most of the default setups are pretty good as a starting point, although there are a few cars that are not well setup.
    It's best to get used to driving the stages with mainly default setup before fiddling too much into the "black art" (it is a bit like that for me too). I mainly start by adjusting the brake pressures to get the bias better balanced, mainly moving the bias forward, many of the default setups are set to be very loose under brakes and making the rear end let go if you hit the skids too hard.
    I also adjust the gear settings to suit the stage.
    If you want to understand the "black art" better, the game manual has a good description of each setting.

    If you search through this Forum or the main RBR Forum, there are a few good articles, particularly re steering ratios and tuning the steering, I found those helpful.
  3. LeeRex


    Well, that was quick and very appreciated! After I sent the thread I began to think this was the case. I have the manual right in front of me. Will study hard...Thanks, Warren Lee