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No savingpoints in endurance

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Andrew Burton, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. I hav just reached level 25, I hav done the 1st endurance race, I noticed that there is no way to save your game mid-race, has anyone done any longer races and noticed a save point? Or does anyone know of any plans to patch this into the game?
  2. welcome to GT games were there are no save games
  3. Yeah it is a bit dissapointing your cant save on endurance races or in the middle of Championships.
    I have done the 1st 2 endurance races, one of those was the Mazda 4 hour race and that felt long enough.
    I just would not like to tackle the 24hr races as there is no way your can do those in one go by yourself and if you had to tackle it on your own , you would have to spread it over about a 3 day period and I just would not be happy leaving my PS3 on for that long...it may even be longer :(.
    Its all well and good the makers of this game putting these races in as they probably get given PS3's on a regular basis. Some of us aren't that well off that we can just nip down to the local game shop to buy a new PS3 when your old one pop's a circuit or 2 :(
  4. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium Member

    Electronics aren't that delicate. Its highly unlikely that a PS3 is going to break due to leaving it on for any period of time, certainly not a few days. If yours has a faulty part then its just as likely to fail within an hour or two of switching on as it is after a couple days.

    Of more concern is electricity bills and the simple inconvenience of having to leave your PS3 on and in-game for days on end. It means you can't play anything else for potentially days, it means you can't join your friends if they invite you to an MP game, and it means if (like me) you have limited power sockets available, you can't unplug your PS3 to make room for something else.

    All that's needed is an option to save when you make a pit stop. Simple answer to a simple problem. There's actually a rather large thread on exactly this subject on the official forums, so if you join in over there then the devs may take notice.


    Here it is.
  5. i will comment on the official forum, thanks guys.