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no right helmet for Redbull

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. hi

    i was just sitting and painting my helmet, but for some reason non of the helmet templates fits the redbull. i have looked at the original in the red bull folder, and its not like any of the ones in the templat folder i have downloaded.

    I dont know what is wrong or if its me, but plz help me.

    Thanks on advance.
  2. template driver1 is extra 4 and driver2 is extra 3 make sure you dont mix that cause then you will have the upper part on the sides and side part on visor/helmet top. for redbull use arai template.

    PS: ive looked at rbr helmets now. you have to turn it for 180┬░ both extra3 and 4..
  3. i think i got it. but still dont know why i cant see the yellow from webbers top. but thanks
  4. i just looked again. on the template it looks like the top is the opper part of the dds file. but by making a red cross on it, i found out that its the visor, and if i put the cross on the down part its still not on the top. so i simply dont know where the top of the helmet is
  5. now i got it. just forget about the other stuff. Thanks