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no race series too choose from

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Mike Davidson, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. when i load up rfactor2 the only series available is all cars and tracks and no seperate race series too choose from am i doing something wrong ive just auto updated as well if that helps
  2. Series or mod-files will download if you join a server. You can use them to practice car/track combo offline via series. But when your online session is done, you can delete the "mod files" in the mod manager. Make shure you have only the mod files installed for upcoming events. Uninstall and delete them if you are done with them.

    Some leagues or server-hosts like to add some extra features, like extra liveries, custom track bill-boards, custom physics, etc. The host can embed them in the mod-file = modification-file.

    Content like the APEX "mod" or URD "mod" isn't a mod or modification it is content or components.

    Go and see in your mod-manager: There are 2 tick boxes:
    mods = Series in single player mode
    Components = content: like cars, tracks, etc mod manager.jpg
  3. when i leave the mods box ticked its empty so does that mean i have no mods installed,i only have the isi stuff from their site are none of them classed as mods then ?
  4. Exactly. They started to release the tracks and cars separetly, as components, so you can choose any car/track combination. The mods are downloaded from the server, and it's just a car/track combo.
  5. All ISI stuff is content or "components".

    Try to join a open ISI server. You'll see a "mod-file" been downloaded.

    If you go back to single player. You can select that mod in series.

    A mod-file is nothing more than a file that combines 1 or more tracks with 1 or more cars.

    So they are a bit useless in single player. You can choose whatever car on whatever track with whatever opponents you want ! If you select all cars and tracks in series.
  6. ok thanks for your replys