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No pre-order on Steam..

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Johan Top, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. I see there's no pre-order on Steam. And in Dutch it says something very promising..
    Deze game wordt ontgrendeld in ongeveer 1 week, 2 dagen en 19 uren.
    This game will be unlocked in about 1 week, 2 days and 19 hours..

    That sounds to me it's free:thinking:

    Or is it a cock-up in the Dutch translation.
  2. No it says the same here in English. I think, realistically, it just means it will be available for purchase then. I would very much doubt it's free. Although there is no price listed......

    We can but dream.
  3. Also it would be sick as I also already got STCC for free because of the price mix-up..
  4. dont think its for free the us boys would be pretty pissed if it would be free
  5. Lol, I checked another game and that has the exact same wording, although with a price next to it for pre-order.....
  6. But they got GTR1,2 GTL, Race07 etc much cheaper.
    I paid €50 for GTL and €45 for GTR2. While they could get them for $20 each and later even together..
  7. L4D2 for example yes..
  8. Free or discounted is the only way I'll buy. I have way too many games to buy this holiday season...

    EDIT: and very little money at the moment to do so :p
  9. I was supposed to get the STCC addon for free because of the price-mixup with GTR Evo.
    But I had allready bought STCC in the stores before it was available on Steam - so I wonder if that means I will get Race On for free instead.
  10. i love free :p Free would be good
  11. All games say "this game will unlock" its not going to be free so dont even start to get your hopes up. Also it depends on what sort of title and how big its going to be on whether or not they allow pre orders on it.
  12. a price would be handy tho.... :shakeyfistman:
  13. true but that (knowing Steam and Simbin) probably still hasnt been decided
  14. Peter

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  15. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
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  16. Yeah...nice one, now if they could just tell us the asking price...
  17. yea man... and that's for full race-on atm.... still no sign of just the expansion pack....