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No pitstops-option in garage menu

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Martin Haack, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    when I am in the car setup menu "garage 1" there is no option to add pitstops to plan a strategy ahead of the race. It just says "number of pitstops 0" and I cannot change that. I tried this with the formula 3 car, it doesn´t seem to matter what kind of session I choose or what race length type.
    I´ve been searching for an answer to this around the forum and via google. No luck so far. I feel I´m overlooking smth very obvious. :)

    Thanks in advance

  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I believe it is a glitch; you can use the LCD screen while on track to sort what fuel and tires you want to add. Not perfect, but a viable workaround.
  3. Yeah ok that kinda works. Had to remap some buttons though not to die while changing stuff.
    Do you experience the same though? Maybe it´s a problem in the setup file...
    When changing buttons I by accident found a camera angle where you see the driver's arms. When they turned the wheel 500° without changing hands I exploded with laughter. I can highly recommend checking that out.
  4. Thats more of an illusion to get driver arms since GSC doesnt support animated arms.
  5. Yeah, did a race yesterday and had exactly the same thing, is it a glitch or the way the Track.gdb is setup? I had a full race at Suzuka and had edited the track.gdb to get ai doing 2 and 3 stoppers but all only pitted once and I couldn't do a race strategy either>
  6. I don´t know. But I believe that it worked when I first installed the game. Tried to change number of stops in the setup file of the car itself but to no effect. I did not manipulate any track file.

    I´ve googled a bit about AI behavior but did not find smth about strategy. Maybe you can fiddle around with their tire wear or fuel consumption and they "dynamically" react to that and stop more often? If you find out more about that I´d be glad if you post it.
  7. Yes, you can alter the tyre wear from the track gdb file -

    try adding and tweaking one or both of these lines :

    // -----------------------------------------------------------------
    PlayerTireWear = 0.90
    AITireWear = 0.90
    // -----------------------------------------------------------------

    I have used these lines to make tyres last longer, & to match my tyres with they AI, so it definitely works, but I don't know if it works above 1.0 i.e if you want to make them wear faster - let us know if you find it does :)