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No pitstops in final game?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by CasualRacer47, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. I heard rumors that the final game DTM EXPERIENCE will not include pitstops in the races - is this fact?
    I wrote to Simbin couple of weeks ago asking this - no answer yet.

    Hello, can someone with inside knowledge confirm or deny this if pitstops are included or not in the final game?

    Normally an actual race game which claims authenticity that does not feature pitstops in races would be a no-go to me.

    Even though I am bying this game anywhay as I buy every racing game anyway that becomes available and because DTM EXPERIENCE has such shining spectacular great state-of-the-art graphics, (especially tracks and hood of the car) and terrific sound of the cars !

    If it really does not include pistops in the final game - that would be a real downer to me as this pistop feature is a real must normally.

    Maybe someone/some modder of the community would be later able to make a pitstop feature mod into the final game if this is possible?
  2. Wow - totally didn't even think to ask that. Like you I just thought that claiming a "total authentic experience" would have to include pit stops since they play a huge role in most races. Especially having to stop in a specific window. That would be a fun part of the strategy totally lost.

    I really was excited and wanted to buy this game. Now I'm on the fence and I'm going to wait to hear what others say about it. I hope everything turns out great because I really enjoy driving these cars, but I'm not shelling out $50+ for a broken game with many missing pieces.

    Come on SimBin ... turn this thing around!
  3. Pits stops in DTM are not that important anymore...

    "Every DTM race includes two mandatory pit stops at which all four tyres have to be changed. Refuelling has no longer been permitted since the 2012 season."


    So i can live without them.... for this time ;)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  4. So No Pit Stops, No Tyre Choice, No Weather, No Tyre Pressure Settiings, I think that must take it down to about =<70% on the Authenticity front?, let's hope nothing else comes to light after release!
  5. How about no MP?
    As much as I would like to, I won't be buying this game this time around.
    This marks the first game by Simbin I won't buy since GTR1. I never bought it because I had GTR2 and GTR1 seemed redundant. Aside from that, I have purchased every single game and DLC they released.
    Plus, the game will cost $50. I have always been the one chiding other simracers for their terminal cheapness. But in this case the product is simply not up to snuff. And $50 is too much for half a game, 1 car with 3 bodies, no multiplayer, no pitstops. It makes me very sad.
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  6. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Reading the press releases from SimBim, they say:

    "Furthermore, the ‘Get Real™+ Driving Model’ also allows adjustment of the race cars
    according to the official DTM regulations."

    "Equipped with these outstanding driving dynamics, the drivers of DTM Experience enter the challenge with the original DTM vehicles on the original DTM tracks, competing based on the original rules against perfectly simulated and realistic opponents"

    @Sonat Ozturk - Can you please put these rumours to bed and confirm whether or not the final 2013 game has pit stops, tyre choices, weather? The info coming from SimBin is a bit sketchy. Thanks for your time!
  7. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Pitstops are needed and a must.
    MP, competitions and Leaderboard challenges not. (for me)
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  8. It's obvious that this is a half assed and hastily made game that just can't justify it's price. 100% authenticity my ass.
    Ones I was huge fan of Simbin but loosing that respect very fast because of this and RRRE nonsense.
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  9. Yes 39,95€ is quite high referring to the content which is actually in there. But we're getting DTM Experience 2014 for free as a bonus incl. Multiplayer. Ok, you have to pay a higher price for now, but i rather pay 39,95€ now, than maybe 25€ for DTM-E 2013 and additionally another 25-30€ for DTM-E 2014 later.

    Hopefully DTM-E 2014 will have much more features in, which aren't ready yet, e.g. pitstops, league support, tire management, (safety car?), weather, etc.

    Nevertheless i'm afraid, that my long-term motivation to race DTM-E 2013 will be very low without multiplayer. So i need to keep patient until DTM-E 2014 arives.:confused:
  10. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I stick with the DTM 2013 mod until they get things sorted. Sorry Simbin.
  11. It's a bit unjust to critisize Simbin only. They appear to be only the developers of the software. RaceRoom is a bigger scale project as i've noticed today at www.raceroom.com.

    The owners/publishers obviously have big ambitions with the brand. And that's what it really is. It's a brand, a serious commercial product designed to make money and to appeal to as many people as possible, not just another racing game.
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  12. Without Pistops it’s only the "DTM oops, we forgot something important Experience". No sale without them, sorry.
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  13. I think you're correct about DTM being a serious Brand but I think you're wrong about SimBin, I think it's obvious they failed to deliver by offering a free version of DTM-E 2014 to anyone that buy this release, that doesn't really suggest it's all it was meant to be, it suggests another half arsed R3E :(
  14. So where can I get the rfactor Mod?
  15. yep, no pit-stops so far :(
  16. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Official DTM game that cannot simulate the two mandatory pit-stops as per the DTM rules.

    What a joke.
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