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Misc No People 2.3

Remove spectators from the tracks.

  1. Paulaob submitted a new resource:

    No People - Remove spectators from the tracks.

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  2. does it improve fps?
  3. No.
  4. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    I haven't checked yet, but according to one of the reviewers, there is still peeps on a couple of the tracks....If that is the case and there is nothing you can do about it then disregard this post, but if you can then that would be great. Thanks again for this long overdue mod.
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  5. I like the idea. I'm more of a trackday and hotlapping chap. Always seemed weird for hundreds of people to show up and watch me drive a Mito. Actually, makes me a little uncomfortable. :D :p

    I assume it keeps track marshals since they are 3D? Perfect!
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  6. Jack Vos

    Jack Vos


    A famous race car driver once said

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  7. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    Thanks again for the update! Unfortunately, you accidentally accredited me in the Overview.
  8. @Paulaob greetings!
    Thanks for this little, but useful graphics trick!
    Honestly, do not tried it yet, but is it will work with modded tracks? Any ideas there?
  9. You pointed me in the right direction. You deserve it! :inlove::laugh:

    I have been looking at the most downloaded Assetto Corsa mod tracks here at Racedepartment and still have many to look at, but for example Donington uses 3D objects for creating spectators instead of just plain Kunos textures so the trick of replacing the textures does not work with such tracks. :(

    I don't know a lot about 3D but I guess that the KN5 file of such mod tracks would have to be edited with 3DSMAX/Blender/Kunos Editor to remove 3D objects, the spectators, or maybe it's possible to link an external KN5 with a single invisible 3D object, invisible spectators, to the main KN5 track file. I have to read the Kunos forum and look for tutorials on how they use the models.ini files to tell Assetto Corsa what KN5 files to load. I'm really lost here with 3D but I will try. It would be cool to at least remove spectators from the 20 most downloaded mod tracks. :)
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  10. Is it possible to choose on which track we want spectators removed ?
    I'm guessing not, but I have no problems with spectators, as long as they don't look like cardboard figurines (Lausitz mod track for instance).
  11. It is not possible overall.

    Only on supported tracks by not copying over the folder with the new textures.

  12. No problem, I assumed so. Thanks for the info.