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No one yet?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Soupewonton, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Is there no one playing F1 2012?
    If anyone want to add me on steam so we can start a league be sure to do it!
    Steam ID: soupewonton

    See ya on the track
  2. I'd participate in a league if it was organized by RaceDep and ran on the weekends.
  3. I would me too. But is there going to be one?
  4. I would say so, yes.
  5. no threads yet....makes me wanna do a Bahrain season opener.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    This section is opened to setup your own races. So if you wish to run a casual club or a serious league race why not get together and make it happen?
  7. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    leagues from f1 2011 have only just finished. I wouldn't surprised if the organisers are just waiting for the full game to release in order to get a good understanding of the game before they start the leagues. People have to get used to the game before leagues start :) they will be up soon.
  8. I would like to join the league. What else needs to be done? and are the leagues going to be run through codemasters racenet - I mean by adding others there? because I haven't bought any game from steam and hence cannot be added in any group there
  9. 2011 leagues have just finished indeed. And as James already said, it's first getting the feel for F1 2012, discuss the new options (if any), and see how stable the network connection will be.

    If you buy F1 2012 DVD/retail version, you'll still have to use Steam to play the game.
  10. I'm very interested to run a casual club. Could we have a little bit of guidance on how to start that? I mean, I'm new here to Racedepartment, so, I'm not really use on how to start that...

  11. Grabbing a random example from F1 2011:

    Basically for a single race (a so called Club race) you make a new thread. You specify:
    Date + starttime (in GMT, BST and/or CET) track, distance, banned assists (moreless default for clubraces on RD is 50% distances, all assists banned except autogears, and dynamic weather). Since car handling is quite unknown people may like a familiar track better, such as Spa for example.

    People who want to sign up, can specify the car they prefer, and it's up to the threadstarter to edit his post to keep that list up to date.

    Then the hosting thing. This one is a bit tricky because we don't really know what's gonna happen with hosting and if it will work the same way as previous F1 games. People probably are gonna test that as soon as the game is out. Most of the times a few guys hosted all the races.

    In F1 2011 it was common that the host added everyone who signed up. Due to the migration to Steam, I think it is a lot easier if things go the other way around: Steam link to the host will be posted so everyone can add him easily. A steamlink to someones profile is either steamcommunity.com/id/<a name here> or steamcommunity.com/profiles/<a long number here>

    Unlike GFWL, Steam nicknames don't necessairly have to be unique, and people can change their name if they want.
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  12. Thx a lot for the info Rob! Since i'm pretty new to the community, i'm gonna let a more experience member to do this job. I've been playing since release (last night) and I can say the game look pretty good so far!

    Thx again.
  13. I'd imagine we'll see Club Races popping up on Saturday and Sunday once the Europeans get their game. I think we should do practice sessions at Spa or Monza. :)
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  14. Guys the EU release days is in 3 days :D
  15. If you want to buy it on Steam it will be available later today...
    Cheers Victor!
  16. Mine will be in my mailbox later today or tomorrow before noon :) I can live with that.
  17. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    Same for me I hope. Today they changed the status to dispatched :D
  18. I'm actually suprissed that no one has setup a race for the weekend, even though they haven't got the game yet. For F1 2011, there was a few races ready to go before the game was even released.:confused:

    I won't be able to buy my copy till next week, haven't got the money at the moment.;(
  19. I would love to join a league for F1 2012 if one gets set up..
  20. there will no doubt be leagues for all platforms, some will be different then others, for example, 2 leagues for the PC , one on a thursday night, and one on a sunday night.

    im biting my tongue and buying the game, so who knows, im into my sim racing but if i get a good feel for this game then im sure i may be able to help out.