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No one running Oulton Park online?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kevin Knorpp, May 25, 2013.

  1. Thought I'd see this as is next BTCC track and is also GREAT!
  2. race07 version isnt that good though esepcially as you come out the first corner and get to the crest of the hill because you end up jumping where its been badly modelled
  3. Really?, I've run hundreds of laps there and never had a problem, I always make sure I clip the kerb at the top of the hill to avoid being pushed to the inside on the downhill though.
  4. That's one of my favorite parts, LOL. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, though. :)
  5. Real shame that this track is an illegal conversion from ToCa 3. If it weren't, we'd probably already have raced on it multiple times! Amazing track indeed :)
  6. Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. A long time ago I sent a message to one of the Race07 staff to ask whether we could have a WTCC / STCC2 race at Oulton Park, but then he told me. Gutted when I heard it! But it doesn't mean you can't drive it in offline mode, though ;)
  8. Wait a minute! What about Oulton Park island which is in extras???
  9. It's by the same creator, it's just another lay-out of the track. That means it's still an illegal conversion.
  10. Oh OK, I thought b/c was under extras was part of original game. Thanks.
  11. What is it ripped from?
  12. TOCA Touring Cars 3 (or simply TOCA 3) by Codemasters.
  13. K thanks. Looks like was a cool game for its time. A true sim from Codemasters.
  14. Yeah, it's one of the best racers I've played. I've heard people saying the online servers were killed a while ago, but the singleplayer is still very good
  15. Well you can never take anything for granted. I tend to fall into the trap of "everything only gets better" but definitely not true.