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No, no, no, GT5 keeps freezing!!!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by rushy, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. I'm about 4000 away from Lv27 and in every race its freezing. Tried it on arcade, GT mode, connected online and totally offline and it keeps freezing. It seams to happen 2 minutes 31 seconds into a race. If I finish a race in under that time then all is fine. I've un-installed the game and reinstalled it and its still doing it. Tried it on COD and it works fine just GT5.

    Any help....................please

    PS, just to add, it only started to happen when I connected a GT wheel for the first time yesterday and still does it with the normal remote.
  2. BUMP :)
  3. A guess.
    Do you have music playing while driving? If so, try without. Maybe it freezes while changing a song.
    Another guess
    How much disk space is left, because it's recording a replay while driving. But this should only happen when it's real low.
  4. I think you just could be the man :) I've deleted what I think is a problem song, got rid of some games off the PS3's memory and it seams to be working on v1.00. Next move is to reinstall v1.05, but fingers crossed that's it sorted.

    Cheers for the tip, i'll keep the thread updated with the outcome as my next race is the 90 lap lv27 one.
  5. Well that looks like its sorted it, now running 1.05 again and all is fine, looks like the custon soundrtack (well one song) was to blame.
  6. So no more music for you then, except the beautyfull music from the exhaust, LOL