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No Multiplayer option in Final version DTM Experience?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Franklin Stegink, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I have pre-order DTM Experience.

    Now i read this:

    DTM Experience – Full Content + Details Revealed

    Simbin has released plenty of details on their upcoming DTM Experience title that will be released in two days time!

    DTM Experience will bring all cars, drivers & tracks of the 2013 DTM season to the PC, allowing players to complete a full virtual DTM season.

    The series’ trademark features are represented within the title as DTM Exeprience features both a full simulation of the DRS system as well as following the series’ qualifying format.

    Unfortunately, DTM Experience will not feature any multiplayer functionality outside of its online leaderboards. The multiplayer part has been postponed to the title’s successor, DTM Experience 2014.

    Customers who buy DTM Experience before March 31, 2014 will receive DTM Experience 2014 as a free upgrade.

    DTM Experience is available via digital download starting December 5, the title sells for 39.95€

    Game Modes

    DTM 2013 Championship
    All 10 rounds of DTM season 2013
    DTM Single Races
    Unlimited choice of track and car for free races

    DTM Tracktest
    Free Time attack and training on any track with any car of the DTM season 2013

    DTM Leaderboard Competition
    Online Time Attack against all players of worldwide DTM Experience


    • AUDI RS 5 DTM
    • BMW M3 DTM
    • DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupé

    • Hockenheim
    • Brands Hatch
    • Red Bull Ring
    • Lausitzring
    • Norisring
    • Moscow Raceway
    • Nürburgring DTM
    • Oschersleben
    • Zandvoort
    Only a online future for Time Attacks?

    There goes my money, pfffffffffffffff.
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  2. Sorry.
    I read now that the multiplayer option comes in 2014.

    When in 2014?
  3. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    In all honesty this doesn't bother me that much, I amped to play a full season against the full field of DTM drivers as long as the AI isn't a complete cluster I think this game is well worth the money.

    Kinda miss the actual real championship format like this, just like the good ole days of TOCA 1 and TOCA 2 on PS1, I had a ball with those games (except for TOCA 1 mandatory points system) and they were well worth my money, I believe this will be too :)

    Multiplayer can sometime detract from the game play, it's nice to win an online race but it's also good fun to go out and compete for and hopefully win the championship.
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  4. Great, I have no reason to buy this because of lack of multiplay. :)
    Thank you Simbin for saving my money for Christmas shopping. ;)
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  5. To be fair, it still says Multiplayer will be provided for DTM, just going to have to wait for 2014. At least the 2014 seems to be a free upgrade for 2013 owners.
    There is still hope for this one. :whistling:

    This also suggests that Multiplayer for RRE is still someway into the future.
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  6. Ok, no multiplayer in DTM Experience (2013) is indeed a pity, but to know that DTM-E 2014 will have multiplayer is a good thing. And that DTM-E 2014 will be free for DTM-E 2013 buyers is another good thing. Thanks Simbin, for not charging more money for a 2014 content update.
    Not to mention that multiplayer in DTM-E means also multiplayer in R3E. ;)

    Just guessing ...... DTM season 2014 starts in May. So maybe we get DTM-E 2014 including multiplayer punctually at the start of the season?:rolleyes:
  7. If the AI is proven to be epic by other buyers, I'll buy it, no problem. But if it's rFactor level, I'd stay away.

    Also, the current menu system sucks.
  8. I think it's more likely to be Winter 2014, if it was going to be May why not just put the release off until they had finished the game!

    I find it quite concerning that they have been working on R3E for so long and yet still apparently can't put out MP in that or DTM-E, suggests to me they are struggling with the Netcode :(
  9. That does seem to imply MultiPlayer BUT SimBin's definition of "Racing" these days could also simply be "Hot Lapping", if it had MP I think SimBin would have been on here by now to confirm that fact. If it had MP I would be buying it today even with it's other known issues, sadly I fear I will be giving it a miss :(
  10. siranodb

    Make love not war!

    God bless simbin . We dont need no dtm hot laping we are borred to death with these in R3R . I think they are struggling with their economics so they want to sell in advance the game to tight us here . To me is just a marketing blackmail .:sneaky:
    I will give my money to the first who cares the most about fair sells and good simulation.:unsure:
  11. Not surprising that the real DTM drivers can't beat the simracers. The real drivers were so confused by the big colored distance/brake markers, always wondering what they mean, and where these signs are on the real track. ;)