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no more driving issues

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Pedro Cunha, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. I don't know if someone else has talked about this before in this forum but i want to share this important info:

    For those who are having a hard time driving in assetto corsa:

    Increase the FOV to 85 and give it a go.

    NO MORE WEIRD PHYSICS, you should drive smooth now:)
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  2. I don't get it. Firstly, there are no weird physics, and secondly, the FOV does not affect physics in any way. Do you have any substance to your theory, any links that prove this?
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  3. It just means that the current new generation sims physics quality improved so much that it is not the main factor in deciding how drivable or realistic experience we get when driving. FOV, FFB, FPS, input lag etc. is the thing to look at now :) (yayy).
    Also sometimes it's not the actual setup value you change into, but the fact of a change is what makes your brain start fresh and not try using old habits. Relearning how to drive on new settings allows to see more nuances in the sim and adjust the driving style.

    Personally I can drive on almost any FOV as long as i can see the turn early enough (using default on all cars now). 85 feels like an overkill thou, on some cars 45is quite nice, and thats half of that lol. Sense of speed is important but actually seeing the turn and incoming brakepoints is valuable too.
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  4. Maybe Fov does not affect physics but surely affects the sense of speed.
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  5. That's my point. FOV Changes Sense of Speed, but not physics itself. Only coding/database changes will change that ;)
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  6. It changes the perception and therefore the perception of physics. For me the change to 47-50 ish FOV also increased the "feel" of feedback, a lot. Just wanted to throw this out.
  7. Mapu

    Premium Member

    but this has nothing to do with "weird" physics. :rolleyes:
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  8. I get what you're saying, and I agree that feel changes quite a lot with FOV.

    But this has always been the case with all racing sims with regards to FOV. However, the OP says it alters the weird physics. but the physics itself aren't weird to begin with. :ninja:
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  9. Agreed their is a sweet spot for FOV but it depends on so many things, maybe even subjective. Speed perception versus lateral motion for example, at very high FOV the speed perception can increase but the visual lateral motion decreases.
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  10. I tried changing the FOV in AC last night and it does affect the sense of speed but, no change in driving characteristics at all. It may take a little "getting Used to" but, that's all.
  11. Mapu

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    how could it be any different?
  12. Well, higher FOV doesn't change the physics of the game of course, but it could change you perception of the physics.

    If you get a much better sense of speed with a different FOV, suddenly, it might feel to you that you 'got rid of that understeer'. While in fact you enter the corner at the same speed as before you FOV change, you perceive it to be different.

    Ergo, from a game that 'feels' rubbish to you, it could become a 'great' game.

    So FOV and sense of speed is important. And I agree that the Sense of speed in AC is not optimal (to me personally). But a Fov of 84? Come on, that's like having the eyes of a crocodile ;).
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  13. FOV doesn't change physics. Also recommending a const value of 85 is stupid, as fov is set depending on monitor size, resolution and distance from player.
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  14. +1, recommending an universal FOV value is retarded.
  15. OK guys i'll try to be more specific.
    the weird physics sensation ended when I Increased the FOV, making force feedback match with what i see.
    I can now "draw" a natural trajectory!!
    It doesn┬┤t mean you have to set the FOV to 85, (i did that on the KTM ) I just wanted people to feel the difference:)
    PS: also set wheel damper to 20:)

  16. I set it to 85 for a T-cam style, and yes the FFB is now completely different. Like i said above: maybe because it matches with what i see....I recomend testing the ffb without sound!
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  17. I said: "try it"...
    i didn't recommend to use!!!
    who's the retarded now?
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  18. If someone doesn't feel the difference should find a doctor soon....
  19. since the physics travels trhough your controller and if the fov alters your perception of the right timings, I assume that a wrong fov will end up giving you a wrong physics feedback!
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  20. You basically don't get it. A FOV value is different for every different sized monitors.
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