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No manual upshifting with V10

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by hurricaneman, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Even though I have "no" manual shiting in the options menu I have the upshifting enabled. I have tried other cars and the problem seems to occur with the V10 only. Is it just me or is it a bug? I'm using a G27
  2. It's you.

    Real cars has thes feature. If you want to skip that feature, change the assist on setup menu. ;)
  3. Go to car setups and find electronic aids.

  4. Yes, thank you Thug-Life. I just found there is an option as part of electronic aids in the car-garage menu.
  5. Thank you Martin Larsen!
  6. I noticed this too with V12, electronic aid was default to 'upshifts'. Why isn't this set to Off (and why is it set differently for different cars) if gear change in options is disabled? Is this a bug, or is there a valid reason for it?
  7. I assume there are lots of little bugs in there like what a default setting is. For me right now everytime I leave the garage my default view is the TV camera.

    Bugs are just another sign that the game is being developed. Its a good thing. Its like dirty dishes mean your restaurant isn't flopping. :p