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Misc No Flags and Fastest Laps in OSD 1.0

Simple XML comment tag added to lines to not load the FLAGS OSD interface.

  1. Salut Gilles submitted a new resource:

    (OSD) No Flags & No FASTEST LAP times in OSD - Simple XML comment tag added to lines to not load the FLAGS OSD interface.

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    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
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  2. thanks it did tht trick many thanks
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  3. Good job mate :thumbsup:
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  4. nice work, eliminating the time and flags on the HUD is also deleted the voice of the engineer who notifies you the fastest laps and flags. you can not do anything to solve?
  5. No. The voice notifications for the flags & fastest laps are tied together when the flags interface is loaded by the game at startup. In this mod, simple comment characters (!-- and --) prevent the game from loading that interface, but the flags for penalties (when Realistic is selected as the option for Rules & penalties) will still appear on the left and right arrows on the steering wheel, and on the REVs OSD option.
  6. yes i know, i asked beacause i like the voice on the radio who talk to me! thanks for the reply.
  7. I like it also, but only on Critical setting, since I don't like being disturbed by repetitive and mostly useless gossip every time I need absolute concentration on track. If only Andy would dare tell me what compound the guy(s) in front or behind me just pitted for, or how many seconds they gain or lose on me.... But no, repetitive push push stupid gossip.... At least, I can get notified when it's time for me to pit on this or that lap, when I drive in OSD-less transparency.:ninja:
  8. You seem to have a different engineer than I have :p
    When I'm on the track my guy tells me about the times of my opponents in front and behind me and what kind of tyres they got.
  9. Is it a mod? Does he always come online when you're about to overtake or when you're about to negociate a difficult curve like mine seems to always do? Just for the fun of knowing about it, do real REs come on the radio when their driver is on a long straight and isn't about to overtake the car in front of him? I know we only get pre-recorded (and pre-approved) bits from SKY reporting, but it would be interesting to know. Knowing CM, I am sure they don't care (they'd rather do all they can in order to annoy us more than in RL). :mad:

    Edit: I know there's that "RADIO" button on the steering wheels, so drivers can switch it off when they want. CM don't give us that option... So I prefer to put it on Critical in my OPTIONS settings now.
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