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no engine sounds?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by William Elgh, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. i does not have any engine sound on the addon cars, i hawe downloaded a engine sound patch but still not working...

    could annyone could help me?
  2. That's very strange, could you give a few more details please?
    RSRBR2010? updates? Windows version?
  3. i hawe RSRBR2010 and no updates just a sound patch and i run windows xp
  4. I would install RSRBR update 3, plus the updates to the car packs first off, and see if that fixes it. :smile:
    By the way, what is the sound patch?
  5. Did you have the engine sound problem before installing that sound mod?
    I've not seen that sound mod before, and it almost certainly is a third party mod, not an "official" patch. I'd be suspicious that it may be causing you problems, since RSRBR2010 adds some content based on default RBR files, and if these have been modified before installing RSRBR2010, it may cause problems.
  6. I suspect that sound mod may have broken something in RSRBR

    Heheh....like Warren said :smile:
  7. yes i had that problem before...

    and i was trying to fix it with the sound mod/addon........
  8. I'm still not sure of some details with your problem.

    Is the problem only occurring with addon cars in RSRBR 2010? When you ran the default RBR game, did you have engine sounds then? If you launch the game from the default RBR icon and drive a default car, do you have engine sound?
    Which soundcard do you use?
    Can you post the contents of your Richard Burns Rally.ini file?
  9. yes i had sounds when using RBR default game...

    and if i drive a defaault car i hawe sound.

    im using sound max digital audio works fine in rFactor and many other games

    THE .INI

    ConstantForceMultiplier = -60
    Depth = 32
    ForceFeedback = true
    Fullscreen = true
    MinDepthBits = 24
    MinStencilBits = 8
    ParticleQuality = high
    RenderQuality = high
    RunIntro = false
    RunStartup = false
    Sound = true
    UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true
    UseEAX = false
    UseSoftwareAudio = false
    UseTripleScreenBuffers = false
    WaitRetrace = true
    XRes = 800
    YRes = 600
  11. Great. :thumbup:
    Did you find a reason, it might be helpful to others?
  12. yes the "force in engine sound" i deaktivated it and i got sound outside the car and really low sound inside the car....
    and when it was activated i had no engine sound in/out car