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no custom modded community tracks for AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by CasualRacer47, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. I was wondering, since for the predessor netKar I have seen in the internet lots of extra tracks ( I think community modded tracks) that since this is the same company, that people would also add/modd extra tracks.

    11 tracks (when final AC is out) is just a bit weak and dissapointing for a current racing game.

    Where's the galore of tracks for AC - like the galore of extra tracks for rFactor, Game Stock Car, Race07, GTR2 ??
  2. Stelios


    The galore of extra tracks will be available when the modding tools come out, which is when the game's final version comes out (1.0) which is in about 1-2 months. (wild guess)
  3. Give it time, the development modding mode isn't available yet, theres speculation that it could available in version 1.0 of AC... but thats not confirmed.
  4. it is actually in 3,5 months
  5. It's not speculation, it's what the devs have said....
  6. Here is what Marco has stated --

    Only the career mode and few exclusive cars and tracks will be reserved for v.1.0. All other features will be released before the 1.0, also to allow the dev team to improve structure and features, multiplayer included. Rest is just speculation.
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