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No car sound in replays with camhack

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Matt555, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. When the car coming towards me there is no engine sound,but after the sound coming back.Only happening with camhack on.
    Never happened before,just showed up this problem from nowhere.Any ideas guys?
    Thanks. Matt
  2. Had the exact same issue two or three times before. Wasn't able to find the cause or a solution, so reinstalled every time.

    If you figure something out, let me know, I still can't fathom what it could've been.
  3. Well...i reinstalled everything and the sound problem is still there.
    I can't fix it...and not able to solve it.
    Pretty strange,never happened before.
  4. Hm, reinstalls always fixed it for me.
  5. Guys wait a sec......when reinstall the game,do i have to delete the mullitagawny profile, and create new one?
    I didn't delete that profile. Maybe that's why this sound problem is still there?
  6. Hi guys!
    I found the solution of my replay sound problem!!!
    First of all i downloaded the RSRBR2010 sons mod,but that's not helped me. The sound issue was still there even after fresh installation.I'm using Win7 by the way.
    So i tried this..... Click the right button on the mouse on the RS center icon.Window open up.
    Then click restore previous versions.
    Then click compatibility
    Then you will saw that...WindowsXP service pack1
    So...i changed it to my version" Win7,
    Then click apply and after click OK.
    I did this with RScenter and regular RBR and the camhack mod.
    Since i changed it to win7,the problem is gone the sound working perfectly in replays with camhack. it's depends what kind of Win you guys are using,so change it to that.
    I hope that will help for everybody who got that sound problem.
    Sorry my english writing not so perfect-:))
  7. So guys,what i wrote above that working for you or not?
    Please let me know....thanks. Matt
  8. Haven't had the problem since, will let you know when or if it happens again.
  9. ditto.

    But thanks for posting your findings, i`m sure it will become usefull for some people :D