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No asssts No incentive

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ian Mckenzie, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. No assists No incentive

    I love this game yet cant work out why codemasters didnt give people an incentive to turn off assists and learn how to drive the game without aids.

    To give people an incentive all that has to be done is divide the leaderboards into three divisions PROFESSIONAL guys who drive with no assists, SEMI PROFFESSIONAL guys who drive with some assists, AND AMATEUR guys who drive with all assists.

    This would give longevity to the game and give an incentive to gradually turn off assists and learn to drive the game proper , instead as it is a guy who hammers the throttle on with all assists on and a racing line to guide, his time goes above the guy who has taken many hours practice to learn the game, learn the tracks and braking points, come on codemasters give the racers an incentive to learn to drive the game as the brilliant representation of a F1 game that it is.
    Reward the guys who put the time into the game by putting seperating the "real dedicated racers" and the "casual gamers" and I repeat give longevity and incentive
    for people to stay with the game and not get bored as they already top the leaderboards with all assists on, thats just silly!
  2. i agree with you i drive with few assists on but will be tryin git with none soon enough and learning the tracks and that idea seems sensible if nothing else as there are people who put time and energy into the game to perfect their driving and its not fair to be bet by a guy with full assists totally unfair bravo and good point
  3. Leaderboards should be separated in that way, but I disagree that leaderboards will have any impact on the longevity of this game. It is having an engaging game that will give it long life.

    The people for whom Leaderboards are the main gaming style will always move off to the next game anyways. The people who make a game last are the ones that are there to play an F1 game, not the latest game.
  4. I agree but I mean give players a goal, or a reason to turn the assists off, IE to get on the PRO leaderboards so moving up through the three divisions as you gradually turn off the assists, at the moment the way it is , its akin to a child on a bike with stabilizers beating lance armstrong in the tour de france, lmfao:)
  5. I am totally with you 100% on that. I thought I had said so in my first sentence but not emphatically enough I guess :)
  6. it would be quite cool, tho seporate leaderboards would make them look less competative, and hotlapers hate looking at uncompetative leaderboards, i think it was SBk that had the filter so u could seporate them and see who used what, and i think that would be a good idea for F1 2010. also having three sets wouldnt be ideal because the no assits drivers would probably just go and run times with assists ruining them for the assisted drivers anyway.
  7. thats ture aswell there are certain pros and cons to this idea it would make the competitive side of it would be very good if they could work out a good way for it to work
  8. @OP: You mean a guy who has all assists on has lower times?
    As one that has been playing the GP series since GP2 came out, I think you are mistaken. The incentive to gradually turn off assists is there. It is in the difficulty levels. Higher difficulties means fewer to no assists. And, at least in GP series, specially GP4, lap times in Higher Diffs are a lot better.

    Braking assist will really screw up the lap time of anyone, at least anyone using a KB which is all I can talk about. Line assist is useful for the fist time someone play a racing game. After that it also can mean higher times. Drive a few laps and the marks on the tracks are the best line assist anyone can ask for.

    Steering assist, which is a must for KB users and, along with traction control and auto shift are the only assists available in Ace diff, highest difficulty in GP4, does not exist in Codemasters' game. Try driving Monaco with a keyboard and we talk about it if you wish!

    Now, just because one can play with no assist it doesn't make him a Pro. Neither do difficulties being named Semi-Pro, Pro and Ace like in GP4, for that matter. Real Professionals are driving on real tracks. Stock, GT, Rally, Formulas, Trucks, hell, even Street racing, which is illegal everywhere I know because it usually kills real people too, lots of them.

    I'm an RPG/RTS gamer and I use my PC for many different applications but I love F1 since I was a child, long ago. So I enjoy F1 racing games, just like football games. Comes with my nationality I guess. But just because I don't have a wheel/pedals or I do gradually remove all assists I can, given my control option, don't discriminate me! (And it pays. Faster lap times comes with lower assists as nothing beat human skills)

    Now, when I want the real deal, I take it to Interlagos or to some karting track and despite my age, height and the weight of my long bones alone not being favorable against light weight drivers, I can still teach young kids a trick or two. And the only assist we have there are the tyre walls, which we all hope never to need to use!

    EDIT: But if you mean different style gamers should be in different ranking system, then I fully agree with you. No reason why Leagues shouldn't be separated according to player skills.
  9. thats exactly what i mean, then you know how competitive you are compared to those running the game the same way as you are, also what makes me sad is that most of the fastest laps in the leaderboards are assisted so basicly what Im sayin is, if the game isnt gonna be faster with asists off give people an incentive to switch em of, so have the three divisions pro, semi pro, and amateur, that then would make people turn off assists to get into the higher ranks, oh and you could only have one time per track so then the pros couldnt post into the assisted ranks.....easy and fair then we would all know where we satnd relative to the effort we are putting in...I just want this game to work so much....I love it...
  10. I just stated to race without the Race Line assist. It takes a while to relearn the tracks, but once you do, the game is som much more rewarding! Its like a whole new game, instead of trying to following a green line I am now acutally driving the circuits!

    And I think that with a little more practice, I will be quicker too. One problem using the Line Assist is that if you enter a corner slightly wrong (accoring to the green line), you try to correct that by finding the green line again. But there are often several quick ways to take a corner, and without the Line Assist, you focus on trying to take the corner as fast as possible instead of finding your way back to the green line.
  11. But if you should be realy picky, I think that the Ghost Car is a sort of assist as well. But its a very useful assist, without a ghost car as a reference, it is very difficult to know which way to take a corner that is really the fastest. Especially since there is no telemetry to analyze in this game.
  12. or you can fix it by not giving a crap about leaderboards and go out and have fun, the leaderboards in this game are quite pointless anyway and don't give me any sense of achievement :)

    The problem I see with the leaderboards in this game is this:

    Time trial is full arcade anyway, the amount of grip you get there is unreal (no tire or fuel sim, and then some extra added grip I suspect), whether you play with assists on or off, it just isn't 'sim' enough for me to have any meaning or any motivation to go and put times on the leaderboards. I mean i'm 5-6 seconds fasters on a TT lap than online...that's ridiculous.

    The online racing leaderboards are equally pointless, as they in no way reflect skill, just the amount of time you've spent racing online. just to show: I'm one of the lowest ranked guys in my league, yet have won 5 of the 6 races (one 2nd place) I've done with them.

    If they make TT full sim and have the online ranking reflect wins per races, races without incidents, pole positions, podium position,... then I might start giving a damn
  13. Also any view except cocpit could be seen as a sort of assist. I guess most people (like myself) use the above helmet view. I tried cockpit ("bathtub") view and I find it really difficult. Or at least it takes longer to learn the tracks (and I have not got that patience).

    I only drive in TT-mode, trying to improve my position on the leaderboard. Haven┬┤t tried online racing, but the computer-driven opponents really drive like crap!
  14. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Good point Joakim, would be interesting to see how many people do use the rollbar view. It's the one I used at the start of playing this game as it was definitely an easier view to use but I have exclusively stuck to the cockpit view for some time now as I prefer the realism. Having started watching Steve's career videos I would really love to be on the pc version now as that 'realistic' cockpit mod makes such a difference.
  15. I have a big issue with the braking assist. When I am driving with low fuel and assist on, I can drive real good. But during the race with a full tank, things get weird. In some corners (not all) the computer brakes way too late. Resulting in me going off the track or at least away from the appex. I tried to assist the computer by pressing the brake (on my keyboard), but that only helps when I start to brake when the line is going orange. I tried turning brake assist off, with my keyboard. Although I can go a bit more agressive through corners, I always end up making mistakes here or there. Resulting in a spin, crash and losing places. I guess Codemasters didn't bother to adjust the braking points when driving with a full tank. Maybe changing the brake balance would help????
  16. Now I have tried a couple of circuits in copcpit view, and I will never go back to the above helmet view! Even though I have problems to match my previous laptimes, it adds so much realism to the game. This is how this game should be played, cockpit view and no green line! My wish for F1 2011 is a sort of no assist mode (that could be mandatory in certain online races) that also only allows cockpit view. Should also be an exclusive leaderboard for this mode.
  17. If I play with assists on, things like no tyre sim, braking assist and automatic gears, then I feel like I'm playing some crappy arcade game and get bored - that's all the incentive I need.

    Edit: Cockpit view is the only way to go if you really want to immerse yourself in the experience. When I first got my hands on F1GP back in the day and discovered it had a cockpit view, I was like 'Great! No more stupid driving from behind the damn car' - and haven't looked back since.