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No assists, still need help :(

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by TeamButton, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. I have finally got to grips with driving with no assists. Have to say that Bahrain was a real challenge because of the many turns. I spent a long long time in practice on Bahrain. Qualified 12th but finished 4th. Melbourne was much better to drive on, China will be a real challenge when i get there. Even though i can drive with no assists, putting in laps without spinning, correcting my lines etc. but i'm still off the pace by at least 1.5 secs which isnt ideal as i need to win the championship otherwise i'll get dropped by Red Bull. I have read many threads and got advice on how to drive with no assists, i've even watched real life laps as someone suggested but i cannot brake at the same points as the drivers do (probably to do with setup) and i've followed the way they do the gears for the corners. Has anyone else got any advice on how to pick up some pace (maybe something to do with tyre management etc.) because i'm getting a little frustrated as i've spent so much time weaning myself off the assists? Thanks in advance
  2. the only thing i can advise is more practice i only recently got the hang of no aids but i would be in the same boat i need to perfect my laps and knowledge of the track thats what wins a race is how well you can drive it how to hit the apex when to get on the throttle out of corners when to brake etc perfect this and you should be good to go sorry i cant help anymore :)
  3. yea basically what anthony said, you have to study that with your life, you wanna remember every turn, what gear you need to be in, when to throttle when to brake, when to drift the turns, its alot of studying, some people think its go race and that's it, the difference between a good driver and a racer is a driver knows that track like the back of his hand! i would maybe turn my aids on for practice and study that track big time!
    That's probably the best advice i could give you hope it helps!
  4. Something i have been finding, its possible to late brake as long as you are off the brakes by the time you start to turn in (very important). You will be surprised by the amount of speed you can take into some corners as long as you are not on the brakes on entry.
  5. do you play with a controller, keyboard or a wheel?
  6. I found that racing assists-off is much easier with a wheel than with a pad (playing on the xbox). Its easier to achieve clean and precise lines and keep the car balanced through the turns.

    The biggest advice I can give is to thoroughly learn the tracks . . . makes you a much better driver overall because you are relying on your own judgements. The driving line assist is the cheapest and biggest crutch of all the assists.
  7. thanks for the advice guys, have been practicing of late and getting better - still not too sure if im going into the corners at the optimal speed in the right gear, @Blake-Lee Danher: i'm using a wheel on ps3 platform.