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NLR F1GT or Formula style cockpits

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Miguel Gonzalez, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

    I currently have a Volair flight/race sim and while it's pretty good it flexes a bit more than i'd like for racing. I do mostly open wheeler driving and was considering a Next Level Racing F1GT rig. I like that it swaps between the two styles but like i said 90% of the driving i do is formula so i was looking to upgrade to something closer to that position. Does anyone have the F1GT that can give some feedback? The video i watched said it had no perceivable flex while driving but he was able to move the control surfaces with a little effort. My current rig has quite a bit of play on the wheel stand and i think my pedals shift a bit backwards and forward with pressure. It not noticeable while driving because of all the forces at work but im sure it affects consistency. Other options i looked at are the Rseat and i cant remember the other one but they both had price points of about 1k. And neither are adjustable back to GT style.