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nKPro v1.1 Final Released

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Stuart Whitehead, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Get it here




    If you have beta 2/3 or 3/3 on your machine go to mydocuments and rename the netKar PRO folder to back it up ( I renamed it to netKar PRO BACKUP) before installing the 1.1 RC version.

    Copy your license and driver folders from your old install into the new one.

    Make sure you install the sim to a new folder as well. If you have another beta installed already it will try and install it to that folder by default.

    Don't try using old setups.

    The Finnglish guys have been testing multiplayer extensively today and things are looking very good so far. Collison detection seems vastly improved over beta 2/3.. Every test so far has shown contact being made properly to register a hit. A full server test needs to be done to confirm it though, but it's looking very good so far.

    The winged formula cars feel very good indeed after several laps to get used to the changes.

    Also included in this release is the track tools for importing tracks into netKar, but so far no documentation is available. I'm hoping one of the teams that have already been using this tool will team will release some basic notes soon.

    Some of the addon tracks don't work properly though. The fix is apparently not to tricky, so hopefully the track makers will have them sorted out soon.
  2. thanks Nicola for your help, much appreciated because coming from kunos official forum :)

    I'm sorry to be arrived late to give you personally this big news from kunos .... Easter doesn't helped me ....

    now guys let's try it, coming soon on our server, wait a while, we (RD admins and me) will decide if and when update our server
    we will let you know soon !!!!!

  3. If you want my opinion, I would go for it...
    Tested it the whole day and it much better then beta 2 & beta 3.
    The only thing we haven't tested is a race with a full grid.
  4. Thanks Stuart, a very helpful and comprehensive post. :wink:
  5. we have to check any issues for next club events (SPA and Laguna) before proceed to update server
    would you help me (also all of you :wink:) ?

    anyway, I installed the FULL in a stand alone folder and it works with beta installed, not necessary to rename or delete your "net kar PRO" folder inside "documents"
    in official forum someone stated that old setup are now useless, let's you check it too ...

  6. We did a lot of testing yesterday and today. Very strange physics problems occurred, especially in crash situations where cars would fly into the air and do somersaults when hit. Removing or renaming the old netKar folder in documents so the new install would create a new folder and not using old setups solved these issues completely.
  7. I had tested the game once before and tried it again yesterday. Had the old one installed since a couple of months ago, but never had any time to test it more. Looked in this forum yesterday and this thread was just started less than an hour before I saw it :) . I installed it and got on the servers and had a blast. Really love the realism in the game.
  8. I did few laps today and... its nice too see final version finally :) Only problem is big fps drop against beta's. Payment will be spent for computer upgrade i think ;/ Damn...
  9. Strange... no FPS drop here compared to betas, in fact i've got better FPS on some tracks... I'm only running a modest machine (E7400, 8800GTS 320MB)
  10. write down here your PC config. and operative system to let us understand better and give, if possible, tips

    another question to you is: do you installed it in a different folder than beta's (if any) ?

    thank you guys, keep giving your feedback

  11. No frame drops whatsoever. Also running of a low end pc.

    4GB Memory
    ATi HD4870 512mb
    Windows XP

    I do all my settings in the graphics card control centere instead of ‘in game’, you have better control that way.
    Maybe it helps :)

    have fun :tongue:
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thanks Alex! :)

    I will update my game tomorrow and finally give it a go after a week of reading all those positive comments and not being in the position to game myself!! :doublethumb:
  14. Great, downloading now, only just seen this thread
  15. ¡Many Thanks!
  16. I can't get spa to load. Any help?
  17. No idea I'm afraid. Spa should be fine. (no ones reported any problem with it. I've had no issues with it at all) At what point does it fail to load?