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nKPro Southern Hemisphere Races -"Expressions of Interest"-

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Andrew Scott, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hi all, I'll keep it short and sweet. :roflol:

    It was mentioned (in my apology thread) that maybe I should look at organising some nKPro races for the Southern Hemisphere @ RD, that being Australasia, New Zealand, Africa and any one else within this time slot, or wanting to take part.

    So, after some personal debate on whether I was prepared to comit to this project long term, I decided YES I would.:good:
    It's a great oppertunity for me to give a little back to the Sim-Racing community that's kept my revhead nature happy for so many years.:wink:

    Ok, what now?, I'm not 100% sure how to get this rolling, so whatever help and suggestions you can offer will be considered and very much appreciated I can asure you. :)

    If there is enough interest we should be able to start some leagues and run a championship, so come on and get involved so we can bring it to fruition.

    For those who are interested, please leave your name, favourite nKPro car and how often you would like to race (2 races per wk, 4 per wk) and when (weekdays, evenings or weekends) plus any comments or suggestions.

    Thanks for your time,

    Cheers to all.

    EDIT: We are intending on running some rFactor events as well, the mods we are considering are: BATHURST 72 and V8Factor06 which will be changed when ORSM release V8Factor09, which has the 07 & 08 seasons included.

    Stay tuned.

  2. thank you Andrew for your work on southern hemisphere
  3. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Alessandro, your'e welcome mate.

    I just hope theres some interested drivers.

  4. I'd be in but I'm not home right now:wink:. 1 thing is the time difference is not universal as is understandable. NZ and Oz are around 10-12 hours ahead of gmt, but SA is only about an hour ahead - weird but true. Don't know about South America or Asia but guessing they are all ahead of Europe. Maybe a word of the league to racing sites from NZ/Oz or other sites such as No Grip which has a lot of Aussie members? Good luck.
  5. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hiya Daniel, thanks for the tip mate, I'm familiar with No-Grip.

    Malaysia, China, Japan Etc, all have pretty much the same time zones as Aus, I know Beijing Tokyo and Singapore have same timezone as me +8:00, cause I looked it up in the date & time settings on my PC just now, lol.

    Its not gonna happen overnight but it will happen, it would be nice to start a "Club DownUnder" :)
  6. CAR


    A lot of those in Asia would join, as currently they can't compete in European races (as a high ping makes things a bit messy). Brazil already has a league running I think.
  7. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hey Car, this is what Im hopeing, its just getting the word out that were building a Southern Hemisphere club.

    I'm thinking of running some rFactor events too, to cater for the TinTop fanatics, besides I'm partial to V8 supercars :) nothing wrong with a little door2door push and shove, Rofl.

  8. Go for it mate and if you need help im with ya:)
  9. Andrew, if you want to get a Bathurst 72 tintop show going i'd happily stay up for it. i know alot of people race these and they are the business. :D
  10. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Dont worry Bjorn I will for sure mate, this is a bit of a challenge for me as Ive never done anything this scale before. Actually, theres a few things Im unsure of, I'll PM you with some questions later mate.

    Daniel, we will definately run a Bathurst 72 and a V8factor series, goes without saying really, lol.

    I will post a thread in the RD rFactor section aswell.

  11. Hi Andrew,

    I'm keen to be part of a DownUnder NKP League. I've been doing laps on the various NKP servers for about a month now and have hardly seen another racer. My favorite car is the 2000 but I'm happy to go with the Target or the 1800 as well. I'm a long time simmer but I'm not really fast, and I'm new to NKP. I'll give rFactor a go too, but I'm more interested in NKP.

    I live in Melbourne (UTC +11), Friday and Sunday evenings (from 8pm) are my only real regular free time. I may get the odd hour in at other times but with a couple of young whipper snappers etc etc my time is often not mine. But I hope to see you on the virtual black stuff soon.

  12. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hiya RacerJace, nice to have you onboard mate, NKP isn't hugely popular, but it is growing slowly as more tracks become available and the new KS2 (GP2) will be a big draw card, we hope.

    I see you have applied for a license, so its all good mate, takes a few days, and if your licensed in time,
    RD have an F2000 1.5hr enduro @ Newbury 06 on Thurs am this week (our time), 3am for me, so if ya up at 6am (I think for you) join in.
    Signup link. http://www.racedepartment.com/europe...tobr-20th.html, BTW, can only access this link if licensed approved.

    Thanks for your support mate, much appreciated.

  13. Hi Andrew,

    I'm also keen for some down under races. I'm also from Melbourne and my best times for racing are probably after 10:30pm Tues/Wed and possibly Sunday evenings (I'm not very awake at 6am but it's a possibility if I get really into it). I'm not that fast but when I upgrade from my DFPro to a G27 hopefully that will change :) I don't have a favourite car because every one is a different experience with different challenges :)

    At the moment I'm mostly interested in casual races as I'm only new to online racing and don't know what days I'll be available for. I'm away next week but will register when I get back to be a licensed member. I'm still not entirely keen on real names appearing in public forums, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice to enjoy quality racing. It'd be good if you could use the alias in the general forum and keep the real name for private areas and the races, but oh well.

    Is anyone running an RD NetKar Pro server that's up permanently that can be joined for online practice? I've noticed the radiator springs and Brazilian servers etc that seem to cycle through prac/qual/race continually, but are always empty, especially at the times I'm looking! I'd love to jump into some practice sessions with others here to get used to others on the track and see if I'm any good without worrying I'll ruin someone else's or my own race...

    Can't wait for the KS2 btw!
  14. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hiya Bob, thanks for the words of support mate, :).

    Im a novice racer mate, so your not alone in the limited skills dept, its the fun of it, sure it be nice to win but thats a dream for me, lol.

    I will be organising a nKPro praccy server next week, thats if all goes to plan, and I'll endevour to arrange some "group practise sessions" so we get to drive in traffic.
    I dont think my server will handle many connections, maybe 8 tops. But it something to start with hey.
    The NkPro races at RD, are currently casual events, the emphasis is on FUN, not winning.
    By the time you get licensed, I should have more definate plans and some praccy sessions on the go.

    Cheers mate.
    Seeya on track.
  15. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hi all, I put a server together for practice but had a few issues so Im upgrading to a 2.33Ghz dualcore P4 with 3.5Gig ram, hopefully it will be enough to run 8 clients cleanly.

    So the Server should be up later tonight, if not, definately Thursday morning. Im setting it up right now :)
    Go here for practice server password :www.racedepartment.com/netkar-pro/40384-practice-server-up.html

    Cheers all

    Seeya on track
  16. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Practice server is back up.:)
  17. Hi Andrew,

    I just jumped on the server for a couple of minutes (all I had :( ) and could connect no problem, ping 140 for me. Got a couple of laps but no good ones. Can't wait to be on more often, but wont be for another week and a half now because I'll be out of the country. Just realised I'm licensed, sweet! Sounds like we have a really good community here at RD :)
  18. Cool, thanks. Do you have that rank thing installed?
  19. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hi Dan, great to see another Aussie licensed member :)

    Mate big thanks for jumping on the server, I really needed someone to try it out, glad it was hassle free, 140ping is not bad :)
    Server will still be here when you return from O/S mate, and maybe I would of solved my syncing issue, so I can join the practise sessions :)

    This community is 1st class mate.

    Thanks again Dan,

    EDIT: @Senad nKPro Rank is installed mate.

  20. 456 for me, not that bad, considering the distance :D

    I'll be doing some laps there, I like that rank thing :)